This Week in Weather 1/13/18-1/19/18

New week, new round of amazing weather facts! This winter weather is relentless, don’t you think? Here are some chilly stats from this week:

  • A meteor burst over Michigan on the night of Tuesday, January 16 and it was picked up by the Richter scale and measured with a 2.0 magnitude!
  • Houston, TX: 0.1″ first January measurable snow on Tuesday, January 16 since 1985. First winter since 1984-85 with measurable snow three times in one season.
  • On the morning of Wednesday, January 17:
    • Houston, TX
      • 19° at Intercontinental is coldest since December 1990
      • 19° at Hobby is coldest since December 1989
    • Jackson, MS
      • 10° is coldest since February 5, 1996
    • Greenwood, MS
      • 5° is coldest since December 1989
    • Baton Rouge, LA
      • 14° is coldest since December 1989
    • Shreveport, LA
      • 13° is coldest since January 1996
    • New Orleans, LA
      • 19° is coldest since February 1996
  • 1 in 20 year cold event: Memphis, TN saw their coldest temperatures in 22 years on the morning of Wednesday, January 17, since Feb 1996, Jackson since Feb 1996, Shreveport since Jan 1996, New Orleans since Feb 1996
  • Continued cold air intrusions into the central and eastern United States have limited severe weather this month and contributed to at least some snow or sleet on the ground in all 50 states the morning of Wednesday, January 17. (Webcams on Wednesday showed snow patches on Mauna Kea, HI.)
  • Mobile, AL: 2nd time in history 2 measurable snow events in a single season!
  • Charlotte, NC: Daily record snowfall of 3.5″ on Wednesday, January 17. Old record was 1.4” in 2008.
  • Atlanta GA: With 4.6″ of snow for the season, it is their 11th snowiest season on record (this is at the airport ATL). 2.2″ on Wednesday, January 17 was a daily record as was the 0.1″ that fell before midnight on Tuesday night.

Tell us what weather you experienced this week in the comments below!

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