This Week in Weather 9/29/18-10/5/18

The dueling seasons are in full swing across the US with cold temperatures in the west, hot temperatures in the east, and storminess in the midwest. Here are the biggest weather stats from the week!

  • This was the first September since 2010 where Fairbanks, AK didn’t see a trace of snow.
  • Galveston, TX: Received 2.12″ of rainfall on Saturday, September 29, putting them at a whopping 24.31″ for the month of September alone. Galveston averages 6.03″ for the month and more than 50″ for the year.
  • On Tuesday, October 2, Phoenix, AZ recorded 2.36″ of rain. That makes it the 2nd wettest October day on record, and the first time in 4 years they recorded over 1” of rain in a single day.
  • In Atlanta, GA, there have been 3 above average days for every below average day this year!
    • There have been 62 days of highs 90º+ this year, which is nearly a third less than the record years of 2011 and 1980 (90 total), but 128 days of 85º+ (tied for #1 with 2016 & 1980). That’s 46% of the days so far this year!
  • Official high of 90° in Atlanta, GA on Wednesday, October 3 made it the 1st October 90° days since 1954. October 1941 leads the way with 5 90° days.
  • Since 1950, a total of 13 tornadoes have occurred in Pennsylvania during the month of October. During the outbreak on Tuesday, October 2, 18 tornadoes were confirmed from that event alone.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what weather you could have experienced this week. Tell us in the comments below!