This Week in Weather 2/25/17-3/3/17

February is officially over, and boy was it a doozy! Countless records were broken and cities saw temperatures they never experienced so early in the year. Here are some weather stats and facts from the past week, and February as a whole:

  • Dallas, TX: For just the 5th time in record keeping, DFW went this February without a freeze.
  • TOP 5 warmest February on record: Atlanta, GA (#1), Boston, MA (#5), Raleigh, NC (#1), Charleston, SC (#2), Nashville, TN (#3)
  • Chicago, IL: For the 1st time in 146 years of record-keeping, Chicago went January-February with NO snow on the ground.
  • State College, PA: The record setting 74° on Saturday, February 25 was not only a daily record, but the warmest WINTER temperature on record.
  • Houston, TX: Hit 80° for the 21st time since December 1 on February 27.  Now 9 daily record highs and 6 record warm lows, in 2 months. Also, the lowest temperature in Houston this February was 40° on the 16th. The last time February did not have temps in the 30’s was back in 1950.
  • Jacksonville, FL: Had their warmest winter on record.
  • Miami, FL: On Saturday, February 25 had its record-most 12th temperature above 85 this Winter (Dec-Feb)- previous record was only 8! 
  • Georgia Peaches are in danger! Chill hours for peaches in mid-Georgia running half of normal…and even less than last year. Expect yield reductions via the FL Climate Center.
  • Minneapolis, MN: Only recorded 0.3″ of snowfall in February. This is tied for least amount of snowfall on record for February in Twin Cities.
  • Bye-bye snow! From February 18th-February 28th, Bangor, ME saw its snow depth go from 31″ to 2″.

Did your city make the list? Let us know where you’re from in the comments below!