The Weather Channel Celebrates 37 Years!

America’s most trusted TV news network turned 37 this week! Through nearly 4 decades, The Weather Channel has gone through many technological, visual, and organizational changes, but the core purpose has always remained the same: To keep people informed, safe, and knowledgable about the weather. We asked people what their favorite memories of the network are, and here’s what they had to say.

Here’s to the past 37 years and the many years to come! Share your favorite memories of The Weather Channel below.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Weather Channel! It’s amazing how fast 37 years can go by. I’ve been watching for about 15 years. In Florida, from June to November everyone talks about what they saw on the channel. I like the changes with the introduction of the science behind weather. Congratulations to all the meteorologists and staff past and present.

  2. I have watched the Weather Channel ever since I had cable installed. I remember when Jim Cantore had hair. Always loved Jim’s enthusiasm out in the field and the way he lost it during Thunder Snow. Still watch every morning during AMHQ and at night during WeatherUnderground.

  3. I was fortunate to live in Alexandria LA when the Weather Channel started so I saw it fresh out of the box. I would turn it on first thing in the morning to see the weather for the day. I would bicycle to and from the England Air Force Base so I needed to take the proper gear. When we move back to Ohio’s First Capital in 1983, the local cable company did not carry the Weather Channel but told me theirs was much better. It was horrible and I was so happy when they finally began saw the light and it became part of the package. I have a weather station that can be found on the Weather Underground.

  4. I think it was 1982 when I started watching The Weather Channel. I thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I just wish I could remember the meteorologist (a female) at that time. She made an impression on me that never left. To this day, The Weather Channel, is the most watched channel on my TV. I also love, love, to see Jim Cantore at work. He is the BEST. To be blunt I love y’all. Congratulations. Best of luck in the next 37 years.

  5. It was the mid 1980’s when cable was first brought to my home area in Kentucky. The benefits of cable compared to a monthly charge of near $7 a month won the decision to purchase or not, however, little did I know at that point that The Weather Channel would be the best benefit; the one I kept tuned to until another family member would beg to please watch some sports. So, in college, yes, meteorology became my favorite subject. I have cloud photos in my camera shots outweighting family photos 10-1! I will always remain fascinated and intrigued by storms and their immense power thanks to the enthusiasm of meteorologists from The Weather Channel. I am so, so, SO sad though, that now, I am not a cable member related to costs. Instead, I turn to not another channel, but the parent informant, our government, for weather. Thanks to TWC for all the fabulous help you give our nation; warnings, education, fun, excitement and entertainment!

  6. A Very Happy Birthday. Thank you for adjusting the on air visual sets . I can see clearly and the on air meteorologists move freely and can show more data. All of you are an important asset to my family for the weather. Thank you, Glenn C.

  7. I grew up at the Jersey shore….. When there was a bad storm and Paul Kosin…(hope I spelled his name right), came on air, we knew to stay tuned….. my husband Bill and I would stay glued to the weather channel…. it is my 24/7 channel….. my family calls me their weather girl, because I am always calling them giving them updates to this day on their own weather, and warning them when you warn us…. now in the foothills of NC, east of Asheville, hoping to get my own weather station like Mike Bettes, and name them…… heres to another 37yrs!!!

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