The Edge: Fantasy Sports and Weather

I will admit that I am not really into the Fantasy Sports thing but to each their own. I know it is popular. I do love sports however, and this time of year is a sports lover’s dream. On some nights this week, you have your choice of Major League Baseball, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, or the NBA. With the exception of the indoor sports, weather can play a significant role to the game: baseball game rainouts, lightning delays, wind impacted homeruns or field goal kicks, and so on.

Fantasy sports generate billions of dollars and have grown into a significant segment of the sports entertainment world. I was not familiar with any meteorological connections until Chief Meteorologist Kevin Roth of reached out to the show. On Weather Geeks, we have dabbled with sports before with guests like former NFL players Warrick Dunn and Owen Daniels. They discussed playing in the weather-affected games and memorable weather games. However, this week’s episode is “out of left field” and different from any previous sports-weather topics that we have addressed. We learn from Kevin about the important role weather plays in the fantasy sports world. I also find out what drew him away from a successful broadcast meteorology career to this pioneering meteorological career pathway. If you enjoy fantasy sports or simply find its juxtaposition with weather fascinating, Sunday’s new episode is a touchdown or homerun for you.

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