Taking Weather To New Heights

Once a weather geek, always a weather geek. That’s my story and I am sticking to it. I am reminded of this often. However, it really hit me a few months back while I was sitting in the Student Chapter of the American Meteorological Society’s meeting at the University of Georgia. I serve as their advisor, and we were hosting a guest speaker that day.

The speaker was this fascinating guy named Chris Waggener that had been invited by one of our students. He was a friend of her family. Chris is a former United States Navy and Commercial airline pilot. He has over 23,000 flight hours and has taken 12 weather courses. I was literally glued to my seat listening to his presentation and stories. He also had some amazing videos to illustrate how weather impacts landing a plane on an aircraft carrier or in hazardous weather. He even told the story of how a major weather system may (and I emphasize “may”) have prevented World War 3. When I heard this story, I knew this guy had to come on The Weather Channel’s Weather Geeks. It was a no-brainer that you will thank me for after you watch his episode this Sunday at Noon ET. And yep, we have some of his amazing video too.

But wait, there is more. You may have noticed that I entitled this piece, “Taking Weather To New Heights.” Chris also climbs some of the highest mountains in the world. And as you might guess, weather plays a critical and life-threatening role in extreme mountaineering. In his unique way, Chris brings you to the mountain peaks with him and paints a vivid picture of the various weather threats. I am willing to bet that some of the weather aspects that mountain climbers have to think about will surprise you.

Each episode of Weather Geeks has its own “personality,” but this one is for the true weather geek. I mean the ones that love weather but also think about its impacts from different perspectives. It is also for anyone that loves an engaging guest with fascinating experiences and stories. Heck, I conducted the interview, and I cannot wait to see it.

We love weather and so does Chris Waggener. His life has depended on understanding it too. This Sunday, weather geeks unite.

Join us Sunday, February 26th on The Weather Channel. The show always airs Noon ET (11 am CT, 10 am MT, 9 am PT).

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