Quiz: What Season Are You?

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  1. Spring!!! Awsome weather, fishing, playing out side and swimming fresh new flowers everything’s in bloom beautiful new world that God made for us! Thank you Lord

  2. Fall. I can’t argue with that. I’ve gotten tired of the summer heat and not ready for the cold.

  3. Spring, huh? hmm…….ok. Suits me. I adore Spring!! Everything new n fragrant!

  4. Although I love the snow and winter, the guess was wrong I was born in June, so I was a summer baby.

  5. Route 66 and yes I was born in the fall and everything else local weather channel got it right.

  6. Ah, I was not born in the Summer…but close 😉 ah I get it…what Season am I..sure I will take Summer it is my Favorite ☺

  7. Right on. Spring is my favorite season, but I love them all. Life is just to short to find fault with any one of natures seasons.


  8. Winter is correct, I was born January 15th! Personality description is very much me! I love being indoors baking for my family when it is freezing cold outside!

  9. Winter…yes, I was born in March. I love the description of personality. It’s how I like to see myself but it takes effort. Thanks.

  10. I got winter which is my least favorite season, so it’s interesting that’s what I would be if I WERE a season, LOL. These quizzes are fun, I need to take more when I have more time.

    Most of the description is true, except I’m not shy and don’t always want to be alone. But “alone time” is good too and can be refreshing. 🙂

  11. I got winter which is perfect because I LOVE snow but my husband also got winter and he doesn’t like the cold….go figure lol

  12. it said spring for me,well i have to agree because i hate the summer heat and humidity we get during the summer in lenoir north carolina,if we could choose which season we could have year round it would be winter,never enough snow in north carolina

  13. Winter pretty much describes me to a tee. I was born and raised in the Northeast, still live there to this day, and I don’t see relocating to the South or Southwest in my future. High dew points and I don’t get along very well, so if I was to relocate, the Pacific Northwest looks pretty good. I don’t mind bundling up to take the dog for a walk when it’s snowing, and I love how the landscape looks with fresh snow.

  14. I’m summer but I prefer fall the cool crisp leaves, pumpkins, harvesting, corn mazes. The heat of summer kills me, but it does describe my personality. Winter is awful and cold but needed. Spring is beautiful and abundance of life, when the sun returns and nature wakes is wonderful.

  15. I love the winter….especially during a big snow storm….its so surreal to look out the window and see the heavy snow falling….and I love it when the power fails and I have my generator running….because I know I will stay warm….Jim

  16. I have always been more of a winter person. I do not like the cold, but I live for snow!

  17. I’m SPRING! I would have to say that’s just about as accurate as it comes… I love all 4 seasons, but winter is my least favorite… And all of the other things it says is also just like me!

  18. Winter for me is right on target. It is my favorite season. I love snow although at retirement age no longer enjoy shoveling it. Greatly prefer the cold to the heat and would never, ever consider moving to a place without 4 distinct seasons. The rest is also pretty accurate. Amazing

    1. They gave me fall. I think I am a winter person, but I wanted to see what the test thought. It gave some accurate personality test results, but gave the wrong season. I live for snow, even though I happen to live in Phoenix.

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