Take the quiz: Where should you go for the 4th of July

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  1. It said I should visit Lake Tahoe Utah. Beautiful picturesque lakes, majestic mountains…Its like the quiz knows my mind. ♡

  2. san diego california it said i should be in,never been there would like to visit someday,but it would be a costly trip since im only working a part time job at dollar general in lenoir north carolina

  3. I really tried & just picked answers to try, but in honesty, many of those choices I would not pick. I.e. All of the answers of each category I would not pick for most of questions.

  4. In kindness and good spirit, my replies seldom fit in an a, b, c, or d format– and, never have. I think divergently. How could they when I am consumed by cloud formations, baseball and capturing the moments the best I can through the view finder. Love the sky and clouds. For every natural devastation there is a double rainbow not far away– on another day.

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