STEM Summer – Cool Gadgets to Keep the Kids Learning

Summer is here! I’ve put together some STEM gadgets to keep the kids happy and engaged this summer. These were shared live on AMHQ the morning of Tuesday, June 26th.

Robotics Engineer Barbie, $13.99,

I was so excited to showcase the new Career of the Year Barbie! I have been working in partnership with Mattel to make this STEM announcement. You may not have realized that Barbie has had more than 200 different careers, many in fields underrepresented by women. With only 24% of engineers being female, Barbie is doing her part to inspire girls to peruse STEM with the new Robotics Engineer “Career of the Year” doll. Robotics Engineer Barbie is also available in four different skin tones.

Kiwi Crate, monthly subscription,

Get those little minds thinking! Kiwi Crate is a monthly delivery subscription company focused on creating your very own STEM innovations. “Kiwi Crates” arrive in the mail and vary based on a selected age range, so you are guaranteed that it will be age appropriate for your child. The crates are different each month, which makes it exciting for your child to receive and build. Crate themes range from astrology and geology to even mechanical engineering –learning about and creating your own STEM creation is always fun!

OOZE Labs Slime!, $4.95,

Step up your slime game with Magnetic, Color changing, Glitter, Hypercolor and Glow-in-the-dark slime!

Make your own slime and see how it can impact nature through UV rays or chemical reactions! Parents will love it because the process is self contained in the large test tubes and mess free!

Scientific Explorer Tornado Maker, starting at $27,

Learn about particles and create a liquid tornado right before your very eyes. Very easy to use, this full set Includes a Tornado Maker, cloud lid with a viewer, along with a tractor, pig and cow models.

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