Countdown to Totality: Upgrade Your Viewing Experience with These Solar Eclipse Gadgets

This is the kind of blackout that is science approved! I’ve put together some of my favorite must have gadgets to watch the solar eclipse and I recommend getting them early, as they are already starting to sell out fast!

Lunt Solar Eclipse glasses,, starting at $9.95 for 5-pack

Don’t wait till the last minute to get your hands on these special sunglasses, as they are already forecast to sell out! Looking at the sun for just seconds can cause a lifetime of permanent irreversible damage, so approved and accredited glasses are a MUST! I have learned that it is important to use ONLY NASA approved vendors when it comes to eclipse glasses. Don’t try to save a buck and end up damaging your eyes! Lunt is an approved NASA vendor that has been verified by an accredited testing laboratory and has both child and adult sized versions. Note – if you are an event organizer or viewing with friends/family you can purchase these glasses in bulk.

Celestron EclipSmart Solar Binoculars, starting at $34.95,

Offered in two magnification ranges, these binoculars include the necessary solar filters required to protect your eyes from harmful rays, while still allowing you to watch the eclipse without any harmful ophthalmologic impact. The lenses are dual coated and permanently affixed to the binoculars.

Celestron EclipSmart Travel Scope 50, starting at $99.95,

One of the top names in astronomy, Celestron, offers a range of telescopes for beginners to the advanced stargazers. This EclipSmart travel scope is specifically made for the sun and your eyes will appreciate the permanently attached solar filters. Solar safe finder scope allows you to track the sun without directly staring into it. With 18x magnification, this device is lightweight and comes with a convenient carry backpack that allows for portability and protection. I must confess, I tried to take a telescope with me to Iceland and hauling it was a huge disaster – make it easy on yourself and use the backpack!

Canon Solar Eclipse Special Bundle Kits, starting at $499.99,

No doubt everyone will be trying to capture the perfect time-lapse or pic of the eclipse – but knowing the equipment that you actually need is a must. (Pro Tip: You cannot shoot the eclipse on your iPhone). Canon has special solar eclipse kits available for purchase. This might be the kick you need to get a starter kit to use year round. The key to taking a perfect shot is not just about the telephoto lens; listen to my latest podcast with one of Cannon’s renowned experts of light to get insider tips., Starting at $14.99,

If you want to dress the part pick up a super stylish solar eclipse t-shirt or dress! I found some great ones on SVAHAUSA for all ages.

Katie Linendoll is a technology expert and is a regular on-air correspondent to AMHQ on The Weather Channel. You can check out Katie’s full podcast with Canon Expert and Explorer of Light expert Ken Sklute here:

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  1. I ordered the Lunt glasses from Amazon on Tuesday and they arrived today. The ones I ordered are adult glasses. Some reviews had stated dissatisfaction with the condition of the glasses because the packaging was insufficient. Mine arrived in perfect condition and were packaged well.

  2. Amazon says the Lunt glasses are for children. I guess they are for smaller heads, so wouldn’t go over the ears of adults. The lenses may be so close together that adults couldn’t see out of both, but I can’t tell without measurements.