Shocking Weather Moments Captured on Video

There have only been a handful of times in recent history where the wildest, most unexpected weather events were caught on camera. Today we are looking back on five of the most mind-blowing weather moments that became viral across the world. Take a look at these videos and prepare to be shocked!

Firenado Breaks Out On Top of a Lake
This weather phenomenon takes the perfect combination of unlikely environmental aspects to occur. Take a fire, a lake, a Jim Beam warehouse incident, winds spinning at just the right speed and direction, and you get this:

Wind vs. Window Washers
On this clear, sunny day in Denver, CO, nobody was expecting to encounter winds that would have a disastrous affect. Two window washers were working on a 31-story building when suddenly their platform was blown so harshly that it became partly unhinged. The two men were unharmed but the same can’t be said for the building they were working on:

A Tornado Takes a Bow
Usually the top of a tornado is masked by thick, dark clouds, making it impossible to get an inside view of the funnel. That wasn’t the case on this lucky day in Goshen County, WY. A tornado twisted onto it’s side when a downdraft pushed against it, and gave the world a rare look inside it’s funnel:

Giant Meteor Races Towards Land
Imagine a huge ball of light barreling towards the earth. Now imagine that ball of light was a destructive meteor coming right towards you. That’s what happened to a Russian town in 2013, and crazily enough, a few dashcams captured the unimaginable sight:

Cantore Takes on a Prankster
If you know anything about Jim Cantore, you know he’s not your average meteorologist. The best example of this was when a prankster rushed towards him during a live broadcast in Charleston, SC. Cantore simultaneously thwarted the prankster, kept his eye on the camera, and unknowingly created a viral video out of it:

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