How Hurricanes Shake Up a Shark’s Habitat

Listen, we all know ‘Sharknado’ is a hypothetical situation made up for the movie biz. It does make you wonder though… What happens to sharks during hurricanes? I mean, a roaring storm that forms on top of their habitat must have some impact on them, right? We’re going to set the record straight on how sharks are impacted when a hurricane strikes.

Sharks are smart animals. They’re smart animals that also have a wonderful sense of the environment around them. Sharks can sense the falling barometric pressure that’s associated with storms and they know to automatically leave the area when they feel it. No matter how small the change in pressure is, their instinct is to get out. This is what they rely on to escape storms, so you should feel lucky that you’re a human and get warnings before a storm comes your way. Imagine relying on your instincts to leave before a massive storm destroys your home… Talk about stressful!

Other animals aren’t as lucky as sharks when it comes to sensing storms. Hurricanes often result in a massive number of dead fish, crabs, turtles, etc. because of the impacts the storm has on their habitats. The salinity of the water is thrown off, as well as the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which can drastically impact their ability to survive. Sea animals also suffer when they get displaced onto land via storm surge and can’t make their way back to the ocean.

You may not be a fan of sharks, but you have to admit, their sixth sense of knowing when a storm will hit is pretty impressive. Other animals aren’t so lucky! Have you ever seen a sea animal displaced on land from a hurricane? Let us know below, and be sure to watch The Weather Channel all week long for even more Creature Week features!