The Importance of #SafePlaceSelfie Day

April 3rd is #SafePlaceSelfie Day! Today, people across the country will post selfies from their safe places in order to bring attention to something everyone should think about: If severe weather was about to impact your area, where would you go? Do you know where your safe place would be in your home? What about your workplace?

Here are some helpful tips from the National Weather Service when thinking about your safe place:

  • Think about the hazards in your area where you would need to know where safe places or evacuation routes are located.
  • Get creative! Storm shelters, safe rooms, and basements are all good safe places from tornadoes and strong winds, but think of other scenarios or hazards that may require other safe places.
  • What other preparedness actions make your safe place even safer? Having a NOAA Weather Radio? Emergency Kit? Family Communications Plan?

Take a look at some of The Weather Channel meteorologists and their safe place selfies!

The campaign started by the National Weather Service is simple and sheds light on the importance of weather safety. Do you have a severe weather plan in place in your home and work environment? Let us know below!

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