Quiz: Who to Root for on Sunday Based on Weather Preferences

The big game is coming up… Who will you be rooting for? Luckily, we can make that decision for you. Answer the weather questions to see which of the two teams you should cheer for this Sunday!

Do you agree with our results? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Love? Please! Right on with highway through hell. I don’t watch hardly any televised sports, except for St. Louis Cardinal Baseball.

  2. Got New England which would be right as I grew up there. At this writing the Pats won so it all worked out. I hated the Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals so I understand.

  3. the quiz got it wrong. I am rooting for New England even though Iove the 90 degree days

  4. New England is right for me climate wise, altho I don’t really care which team wins. I’ll probably be watching the Puppy Bowl. So cute!

  5. Neither team. Watch Highway Threw Hell. Yep, that’s it. I quit watching the NFL a few years ago anyway.

  6. New England!?!?!? Ain’t no way I’d root for them! I’m a Giants/NFC fan so Rams will win!Took test again, changed 2 answers and got the Rams

  7. I got neither and should watch Highway through Hell instead… I would much rather watch football then shows on TWC that’s not weather! Of course I will be rooting for the Rams because I don’t want to see Brady get another ring!

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