See How The Weather Channel Staff Celebrates the Holidays!

It’s the holiday season, which means the atmosphere is full of joy, celebration, and great memories. We’ve rounded up our meteorologists to ask them how they plan to spend their holidays, what their perfect weather is for this time of year, and much more!

What do you look forward to the most about the December holidays?

Cool weather and the smell of winter outside AND inside. – Ryan Davidson, Meteorological Content Producer

People are generally in a more happy mood around this time of year.  More smiles and laughter is what I look forward to. – Alex Wallace, On-Camera Meteorologist

I most look forward to all the parties and gatherings and time off during the December holidays! – Stephanie Abrams, On-Camera Meteorologist

Spending time with friends and family and of course Christmas Midnight Mass. – Tom Niziol, On-Camera Meteorologist

I love getting together with family and friends… and I think it’s a time of year when everyone is in a pretty good mood!  We seem to focus on happiness this time of year. – Alex Wilson, On-Camera Meteorologist

Christmas is a very special time for our family. We love to gather as a family, celebrate at church, and of course with some good food later! We typically don’t travel this time of year, sometimes our relatives will come visit us! We like a nice relaxing Christmas around the fire, watching some classic holiday movies such as It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and even Christmas Vacation! – Kelly Cass, On-Camera Meteorologist

Cooking all day, and then eating for just as long!  I love when the house smells of latkes and doughnuts! – Mark Elliot, On-Camera Meteorologist

I definitely look forward to family time! That and my mom’s sugar cookies which I’ve been trying to recreate. – Liana Brackett, On-Camera Meteorologist

Share a picture that best fits your ideal weather this time of year.

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I’m very conflicted about my ideal weather conditions this time of year.  I love the fresh snow that makes for quiet, cold, romantic walk in central park, but I equally love the beach escapes.  – Stephanie Abrams



That’s easy, a crisp, cold day when the snow crunches under your feet and you get to go cross -country skiing with your son on a trip up north. PRICELESS !!! – Tom Niziol



This is my ideal weather and view for this time of year! I took this pic several years ago during the holiday season, just about 20 minutes from my hometown. – Liana Brackett



Our family loves to go skiing this time of year. Either a quick trip to Sugar in North Carolina, perhaps a visit with family in NY where we ski either the Catskills or the Adirondacks, or in this pic, visiting family in Oregon where we ski Mt. Bachelor. It’s fun, and great exercise! – Kelly Cass



Ryan Davidson

In your opinion, what is the perfect gift for someone who’s obsessed with weather?

A Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter – Shane Brown, Meteorological Content Producer

I think the perfect gift would be to give them a tour of The Weather Channel studios or, for those thrill seekers, a storm chase tour during severe weather season. – Alex Wallace

The perfect gift for someone who’s weather obsessed would be a weather station! – Stephanie Abrams

A Galileo thermometer. – Mark Elliot

A weather station!  They can take their own observations — and also be a featured guest on Weather Underground!! – Alex Wilson

If you can’t have the entire weather station, then the perfect gift would be an anemometer. That would easily fit under the tree! – Liana Brackett

What is your favorite holiday memory?

Christmas Eve dinners with my family.  Also — one year my parents surprised me with a gift I really wanted.  It was one of those perfect gift moments because they tricked me into thinking I wasn’t getting it! – Alex Wilson

My fave holiday memory would be our first married Christmas…it was special celebrating and creating new traditions as newlyweds. – Liana Brackett

Christmas day 2002. It snowed eight inches!! – Shane Brown

Waking up on Christmas morning to a deep, fresh, powdery blanket of beautiful white snow !!! – Tom Niziol

Lighting the menorah and trying to pick which candle would last the longest. – Mark Elliot

My favorite holiday memory was hosting at our house. We loved showing off all our new toys to our cousins! We would grab the sleds and go across the street and have some fun on those Christmases with snow on the ground. – Kelly Cass

Being with my whole family back when I was 8 or so when there was a lot of family and so many presents. – Ryan Davidson

Decorating the Christmas tree with my Dad.  He loves his Christmas decorations and it was always fun to help out, when he let me! – Alex Wallace

What was your favorite holiday present from your childhood?

One of my favorite presents as a kid was a barbie van that came with a tape player!! – Stephanie Abrams

The original Nintendo.  No need for the “NES Classic” on my list… My original still works, and I will still occasionally break it out to play a few rounds of Tetris or Mario 3 or Paper Boy or…… – Mark Elliot

A Nintendo Game Boy.  It sticks out in my mind because I remember walking in on my Mom trying to wrap it. She was so mad.  Me, I was jumping up and down with excitement but it made the wait for Christmas even longer because every time I walked by the tree and saw the wrapped box, it sucked knowing I couldn’t play with it.  But on Christmas Day, I think I played so much that I burned out the batteries in one day! – Alex Wallace

A cast iron Farmall tractor with a pull cart that my brother and I rode up and down the driveway.  Thirty years later both of my kids rode that same tractor up and their driveway and I expect my grandkids to ride it too !! – Tom Niziol

A Barbie dream house my poor dad had to spend 15 hours putting together (thanks dad!!) – Alex Wilson

Had to be my first PC. – Ryan Davidson

Hands down, an erector set was one of my favorite gifts! I was obsessed with building and creating random creations as a kid. – Liana Brackett

I think one of my favorite childhood presents that I received was my Barbie penthouse. It had a few floors, and even an elevator! I have two younger sisters and we loved playing with our barbies, while our brother sometimes crashed the party with his G-I-Joe! – Kelly Cass

Either my first acoustic guitar or a Sega Genesis; it’s a toss up. – Shane Brown

What present did you ask Santa for that you never got?

I never got that puppy… – Ryan Davidson

I learned at an early age not to ask for too much, my parents were amazing, even with very little money they were able to make our dreams come true each Christmas morning. – Tom Niziol

I don’t recall ever being disappointed about not getting something I wanted for Christmas. My parents taught me the true meaning of Christmas and how it is better to give than to receive. So whatever I received, I was truly grateful. – Kelly Cass

I can’t think of anything extravagant or impossible I ever asked for. – Alex Wilson

2017 is coming quick.  What will your new year’s resolution be?

Get more rest 🙂 – Tom Niziol

Don’t worry about the small stuff. Focus on what’s important in life. – Alex Wilson

Be healthier. I’m young enough to make changes before they become BIG health problems. – Ryan Davidson

I’m not a big resolution guy, but my hope in the new year I’m able to continue to better my mind, body and soul.  Sometimes that negative self talk likes to convince me to eat certain things or perhaps have a bad perspective.  I combat this with eating healthy, getting enough sleep, working out but most importantly, you just have to override that negative self talk.  Nothing really changes that but YOU!  It’s easier to override that negative self talk if you have a healthy body, but it’s a struggle we all have no matter how healthy we are/look. – Stephanie Abrams

My new year’s resolution is to rediscover my love for music. I grew up playing the guitar, and now one of my 3 kids plays. She has inspired me to pick it back up again! – Kelly Cass

To drink more water.  I’m perpetually dehydrated. – Mark Elliot

say it every year but I mean it this time…”Get back in shape”! – Alex Wallace
How do you celebrate the holidays?

Holidays equals food for me.  Cooking and eating with friends and family. – Mark Elliot

We try to celebrate the holidays in a nice, not-so-chaotic way. Yes, there is shopping (more of it done online these days) and yes, we love to bake so the kitchen gets busy. But just relaxing by the tree, some Christmas music playing is quite nice, and maybe a family game of Apples to Apples or a card game called Skip-Bo! – Kelly Cass

If I’m working the holiday, then its trying to get the same feeling with family on another day, otherwise its cinnamon rolls in the morning opening gifts then playing with them. – Ryan Davidson

Family, friends, food — and champagne! – Alex Wilson

It seems like I’m always working 🙂  But seriously, it’s usually a pretty quiet day.  Open up some presents and just chill out and watch “A Christmas Story” all day! – Alex Wallace

Church, a good meal, flying home to visit my kids and family. – Tom Niziol

This year I’ll be celebrating the holidays by traveling.  No present exchange in our house, our present is a trip! – Stephanie Abrams

What was your favorite weather moment from the last year?

Favorite weather moment this year: getting to talk about all the recent NW snow/freezing rain this month. It’s so rare for the NW to get two major snow/ice events back to back! – Liana Brackett

Winter Storm Jonas. My hometown of York, PA received its highest one day snowfall total in recorded history (somewhere around 26″). As luck would have it, my family was here in Atlanta during the storm for a week of vacation and missed the whole thing! – Shane Brown

For me, Hurricane Matthew was the first hurricane I’ve experienced.  Of course, it came with lots of negatives, but it was incredible to see what Mother Nature can do. – Alex Wilson

Its hard to pick a weather moment. Usually memorable ones aren’t positive…or happy. But the one that was the coolest was seeing the birds in the middle of the eye from Hermine on radar. That was super cool.  – Ryan Davidson

Hurricane Matthew! Not the damage it caused but the forecasting of the storm. It was great picking the brains of all my fellow Meteorologists on what they thought would happen. It’s always interesting to hear all their prognostications when a big weather event is on the horizon. – Alex Wallace

Watching a waterspout move onshore at Cape San Blas Florida while on vacation there this past summer. – Tom Niziol

Winter storm Jonas was by far my favorite weather moment!  We had record snow in NYC and the snowfall rates were intense.  The best part was it wasn’t that cold so you could actually get out and enjoy it! – Stephanie Abrams

Covering severe weather from Northern Indiana last spring, and turned to reference lightning behind me and it filled the sky as if I were controlling the storm.  Perfect timing. – Mark Elliot

My favorite weather moment from last year was probably covering Winter Storm Jonas, a huge storm that impacted many areas of the country, including a dusting of snow here in the south! This took place January 22-23 2016. The jackpot was 42″ in West Virginia, and at least 14 states got at least a foot of snowfall! 27.5″ was measured in Central Park, NY, a record for single biggest snowstorm.  – Kelly Cass

What was your favorite non-weather moment from the last year?

My favorite non-weather moment from last year: Always seems to be during the summer-time when we take most of our vacation. We love to visit our family and friends and spend time at the lake in the Adirondacks. But also this year (June) I took my kids to Universal Studios in Florida for the 1st time. I had just finished all the Harry Potter books and movies, so it was so cool visiting the Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. We had so much fun, and hope to do it again! – Kelly Cass

The birth of my first child! Still wrapping my brain around the fact that we have this little person in our lives. – Alex Wallace

I got engaged!  – Alex Wilson

Watching my daughter grow, learn to walk, start talking, etc.  It was a big year for developmental milestones!  She’s now a little person, or a “big girl,” instead of just a baby. – Mark Elliot

Bringing my 95 year old mom down to Atlanta along with my daughter to see The Weather Channel. – Tom Niziol

There’s so much that happened in the last year that its hard to think of a favorite… – Ryan Davidson

What do you look forward to the most in 2017?

I’m excited to continue to work with the best team in weather, plan a wedding, spoil my dogs and have more fun and adventures! – Alex Wilson

In 2017, I am looking forward to my 17th year at The Weather Channel! I also hope to play the guitar (again) and my kids want to teach me piano. I am also writing a book…and trying out new paleo recipes! – Kelly Cass

I’m looking forward to experiencing more coast-to-coast weather here at TWC! My first hurricane season will be fascinating. – Liana Brackett

Well it has a lot to do with picking a favorite non-weather moment in 2016, but I am hopeful that 2017 will bring new and exciting adventures. – Ryan Davidson

I look forward to all that stuff that we never think will happen, but then it does.  The good will be celebrated and the bad will make me stronger.  We think we know and make all these plans, but we really have no idea what we are in for. – Stephanie Abrams

More adventures when I travel across the USA !!! – Tom Niziol

No more election craziness! And a better football season for my Georgia Bulldogs!!! – Alex Wallace

From everyone here at The Weather Channel, we wish you Happy Holidays!

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  1. Yes. It is always better to give than receive. I try to do that every year; however, the rest of my family does not. Very sad for them – I think so anyway. On
    Christmas – We celebrate the birth of of our Savior The Lord Jesus Christ. The most important thing about Christmas. Agree? Hopefully yes.

  2. Today is not a holiday; however, I decided to give the Weather Channel another chance this morning – but still no Mike Seidel. I decided to watch the other weather channel instead and probably will for a long while. If you bring back Mike Seidel’s outstanding outdoor weather reports, I will return to The Weather Channel.

  3. I looked up the Kestrel weather meter, that is such a cool gadget! It was really cool to read about everyone’s favorite traditions and see all the great pictures.

  4. I hope all had a very Merry Christmas and you guys have a Happy New Year. We watch every morning and then Weather Underground. I love me some Cantore, Carfagno and especially love watching Alex Wilson. Keep it up in 2017

  5. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and wish everyone a Happy New Year at TWC!!!! You guys are amazing!!

  6. Would love to see more of Anaridis Rodriguez. She is a lovely lady and a definite enhancement to the Weather Channel. MERRY CHRISTMAS ANARIDIS. Hope to see more of you in 2017.

  7. What happened to Jen Carfagno? Has she left the weather channel or is she working behind the scenes?

  8. To all of TWC team, Happy Holidays! And on a bit of a more personal, CONGRATS Alex Wilson on getting engaged! I had no idea! All the best to you! You deserve it!! 🙂

  9. I love the enthusiasm all at TWC show for their work every day of the year. It is infectious! What a great crew.

  10. I think the perfect gift for Jim Cantory would be for him to hear some snow thunder. Dwight Davis

    1. Me too I want a snowstorm before the spring!!!!!! Maybe a thundersnow!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. happy holidays to all of the great people at the weather channel

  12. God Bless all at the weather channel! Have a great Christmas and Healthy & Happy New Year!!!!! 🙂

  13. Where is Jim C’s input! I would think his favorite winter weather moment was two years ago during the big blizzard that gave Boston their biggest snowfall on record… but He was out there listening for thunder and started dancing when he heard it 5 times… Then someone sent a video in to show this little baby watching Jim on TV and when Jim would dance from the thunder, the little baby would dance! So cool….

    Hey…. Jim looked like Papa Smurf in his winter outfit…. whiskers and all! Serious… take a look for yourself at a photo….

    1. The little “snowdance” was pretty cool. It’s a testament to Mr. Cantore that after so many years bringing the weather he still has that level of child-like enthusiasm for the weather!! way to go,jim

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