Remembering John Coleman, Co-Founder of The Weather Channel

Thirty five years ago, John Coleman and others founded The Weather Channel to answer a demand for around-the-clock weather information. He was a passionate meteorologist that helped bridge the gap between the public and weather like never before. Not only was his work an integral part to the creation of the network, he was also the first meteorologist to present weather in front of a green screen and the first morning weather personality on ABC’s Good Morning America.

We will forever appreciate his vision that we continue to this day as the demand for severe weather coverage and hyper-local forecasting is at an all-time high. Without his dedication to meteorology, The Weather Channel wouldn’t exist. Thank you for everything, John. Rest in peace.

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  1. Now that you showed us John Coleman, a cofounder of the Weather Channel, who are the other cofounders?
    Next statement – You are making many changes to The Weather Channel and most of them I do not like. Up to now, The Weather Channel has been my favorite channel, but if you keep changing things for the negative, it won’t be.

  2. That’s sad he had to die. But if being there for others weatherwise today and in the future was his wish, so be it.

    1. Death is the way of evolution and devolution. It’s the most powerful agent of change. Without death, life in the primordial soup would have come and gone; no further expression. It is a paradox that life, in its multiplication, requires death. Just imagine if humans did not die. There would have been an ecological collapse thousands of years past. At present, the ecology is NOT doing well. Efforts to extend human life are detrimental. As an example, we are losing many acres each year to assisted living facilities. Other forces are at work such as Trump’s economic initiative that will undoubtedly mean more open space lost. Even “brownfields” have ecological value. As for the one sole of many to come and go, John Coleman was a visionary in the field of weather. Yet there was this air of presumptuousness considering human influence on climate. It is the same presumptuousness of Al Gore who I view as an alarmist on adverse warming. Clearly, carbon- base combustion has been on a whole beneficial to humans. However if Earth were to cool significantly, that could be our demise. We would rifle through petroleum reserves at the expense of air quality and global oxygen. Immunity to disease would lower. Pandemics would be likely. It would make this season’s flu outbreak look like a picnic. Oxygen has already been measured as declining. It only declines faster in a cooling world. Ironically, in a cooling world, the message of Al Gore makes more sense than the one of John Coleman.

      1. Hmm, how true. Just like time. We are stuck in a loophole between the past and future. If we were to travel to the past, it would become the present, and vice versa, tearing the fabric of space.

  3. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, if it were not for the extraordinary prowess of both John Coleman and his sidekick Frank Batten, then The Weather Channel would not exist today. Moreover, we would not have a channel totally dedicated to weather 24/7. #RIPMrColeman 😉

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