Quiz: Winter Safety IQ

Test your winter safety knowledge with this quiz! Post your score in the comments.

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  1. 9/10. I live in Ohio. Used to dealing with cold temps. I also watch a lot of Weather Channel programs.

  2. Got 6 correct. Don’t have much knowledge about really cold temps. Live in the south

  3. I got 8 right. Looks like we need more info on frost bite. Also thought I had read the min. distance for a space heather was 1 foot.

  4. I have lived in ND all my life. We are taught all of this as kids. 0 degrees with a 15 mph wind is a warm January day.

  5. What happened to Weather Underground in NYC? All I get now is NYC weather for hours.

    1. @ray1955
      Hm…maybe it’s because there could be severe weather up there, and the severe weather alerts are just airing on TV right when Weather Underground is supposed to be on.
      Honestly, I don’t know, but I hope this helped a little.

      1. We have Weather Underground back after two weeks. I guess people were complaining about NYC weather for hours on end.

  6. 7/10. Not bad,considering this is my first time doing something like this. Now I know what I need think improve on to be better prepared for winter!

  7. Question 7 is vague. It’s obvious, if U have an electric oven & stove, U won’t use them if the power goes out. It’s assumed U have something other than electric, which I don’t.

  8. Got 6/10 the first time, 8/10 the second. Not bad for a desert dweller in Tucson, Arizona!

  9. With three right, and learning the answers to the other questions, made me a believer of how to approach and be ready for the bad weather. I live in the North, but rarely go out in the cold weather. Only when weather is sunny and temperatures are up, then stock up with groceries, and take care of other duties, etc. I enjoy the Winter Season only for its giant snowflakes, and
    watching the kids have fun in the wet snow with snowballs, and sledding.
    White Lily

  10. Learned a lot. Have lived in NH all my life. I carried a “space blanket,” (one of those shiny metallic sheets) in my car for years. This is the first really cold day today. Will be sure to get my safety kit together and use it from now on!

  11. Got 9 out 10! That darn frostbite question got me, but I wasn’t far off!

  12. Dang….I know how bad frostbite can get but I got that one wrong! My guess is if you were already wet and underdressed you could possibly get frostbite within 15 mins with a windchill??? Better to be on the safer side. Thanks, that was fun.

  13. If they think frost bite cant occur in 15 MPH winds at zero, then they have never been out in that kind of weather !!!! I believe it can…..

  14. I moved to Fla. to get get away from the cold but 45 deg. here hurts me as much as 35 did in N.C, humidity?

  15. 7 right. I live in the north and need to study up on hypothermia a little more. I thought it would happen quicker especially at 0 degrees and 15 MPH winds. Our winds are always higher than 15 MPH. Great quiz.

    1. Hurricanes though! You either get cold (North), Tornadoes and wild weather in the Midwest, and hot in the south…

  16. Baseboard heating. A heater/furnace repairman told me in temperatures of 20 degrees F and below never alter your thermostat 4 degrees either way to avoid baseboard pipes from freezing.

    1. That makes little sense. How can going from 70 degrees to say 74 degrees encourage pipes freezing????

      1. Maybe you should look at my comment again. 20 degrees F = (Fahrenheit). How can you possibly read this as 70 to 74 degrees?

  17. I got 6 correct. I live in the south & rarely see snow & when we do it’s very little.

  18. 7 right not bad considering I had a chihuahua lying across my neck makes reating difficult

  19. Good to know the 3 foot rule. We had a heat lamp installed in our bathroom years ago because using my husband’s old space heater made me nervous. I’ve wondered if it was a waste of money, but our bathroom is so small, there’s no way we’d have had 3 feet of clearance.

  20. Hey Mike – I live in Alaska (46+ years). The tests I’ve passed were actual – not written.

  21. Missed 2 questions about frostbite. I thought 15 minutes was long enough and being near a stove or heater was OK.

  22. How quickly frostbite can occur, that one got me. Guess I just felt 15 min. in 0 degree was too long in anyway! BRRRRR

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