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Quiz: Which Winter Olympic Sport Suits You?

Who else is excited for the Winter Olympics?! Every four years it comes around and brings the world together as millions watch the top athletes compete in events we could never dream of being good at. But it has to make you wonder… If you were to go to the Winter Olympics, which sport would you be best at? Take the quiz below to find out!

Well, what do you think? Could you see yourself playing the Olympic sport you got? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I luv ta watch Figure Skating my most favorite sport ta watch yay! Thx I like this quiz!!!

  2. I DON’T think so. Ski jumping? NO WAY, I don’t like falling, especially from those heights. Please give me a nice day of Curling, followed by a big mug of hot cocoa in front of a cozy fireplace.

  3. Uh no, favorite Olympic sport to watch figure skating, hmm now that I think of it curling wouldn’t be bad, nah it’s not for me

  4. Snowboard Halfpipe? Not really. I love to see figure ice skating, better. I don’t ice skate, but prefer dancing up a storm.

  5. I got short track speed skating. They should’ve asked me about my height instead of something meaningless like which city I’d prefer to live in.
    I’m 6’4″ tall. There’s no way you can succeed in a sport like that if you’re that tall. And when I was of an Olympian age (62 now), I was still 6’5″ tall.

  6. I got alpine skiing! Seriously???? 1) I’ve never gone skiing and don’t know how to ski!!!! 2) I’m very scared of hights especially while sliding down from a mountain with skis!!!! Better luck next time!!! BTW the comments about me were correct!

  7. (As Moon Jae-In) I declare open the XXIII Olympic Winter Games of PyeongChang. #pyeongchang2018 🇰🇷

  8. I got Bobsleigh but I would be horrible at it. I would probably be better at the summer olympic sports. I’m not really a big fan of the winter olympic sports besides ice hockey… but I can’t ice skate! I would be bad at everything!

  9. Short track speed skating would be fun but at 80, it is only a pleasant dream. But isn’t that what this quiz is about – dreaming?

  10. Can’t see myself as a figure skater. To start with, learning to skate backwards was a big flop.

  11. Figure Skating, Huh??? I used to love watching figure skating when Michelle Kwan was competing. She was the best! I would flop!

  12. I wouldn’t have thought “figure skating, but I have skated most of my life, but with racing skates. Interesting!!!!!

  13. Short track speed skating ! Sounds great – not ! Guess I won’t ever know what I’m missing .

  14. I got speed skating, WRONG! all of the qualities you mentioned I don’t have and I hate ice skating!

  15. If I were a younger man, I believe that I would be a bobsledder. I had the pleasure to work with former Olympic USA 1 bobsled pilot Randy Will, in Upstate N.Y., and after touching the bobsled, I realized what I could have done!

  16. Figure skating. That’s probably my favorite winter Olympic sport, but I never got past the beginner stage at ice skating.

  17. Actually, I thought you were probably right on the mark with curling, as it is played indoors and required patience and concentration. And I am not very athletic. Good choice.

  18. Curling… NOT! I think of myself as downhill skiers or country cross skiing in my prime. Curling put me asleep. I would prefer to curl up my dog (Harley) and watch underground weather at 6 PM

  19. No quit right.now if you had said something like snow shoeing you would have been a bit closer to the truth.

  20. No offense quiz, but YOU IS WRONG!!! I don’t even know how to ice skate, and I’ve only been to an ice rink once.

  21. I got Bobsleigh. My favorite Winter thing is the Ice Skating?

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