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Quiz: Winter Facts vs. Fiction

See if you can figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction. Post your score in the comments.

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  1. 9/10 but I wish to protest the snowflakes alike question! 😊 I was going by appearance not atomic structure hehe 😜

  2. 80% is not bad. And by the way, dress as in dress in layers is a verb and requires an adverb therefore warmly as in dress warmly is correct.

  3. 8/10 and i should have known the two that i got wrong but I figured Tom was sneaking in a fast one. I sure wish Verizon would come to their senses and put TWC back on, Accuweather just doesn’t teach a darned thing, let alone forecast weather correctly.

  4. There are sources that state Rochester, NY is the snowiest as well as Cleveland, OH. The question is subjective.

    1. Not sure how they’re figuring Cleveland is snowier than Syracuse–you’d have to go probaby 20-30 miles east of the city to find a place averaging over 120″ per year, and if you used the same radius around Syracuse, you’d probably find some stations way over 120″. The airport in Syracuse averages 123.8″, I think.

  5. 6/10. Shameful for a Mainer. To be fair, two of the questions I missed were about places I’ve never needed to know about and one was a moment of derp because I did know better and answered wrong anyway.

  6. 6/10 that’s what you get when you live in Florida you don’t get no snow so forget all about it ( originally from Kentucky)

  7. Question 8……. check your grammar please. Dress warmly? Really? You can dress warm and I guess you can do it warmly or with passion but it is just dress warm.

  8. I thought that Fairbanks, AK was the coldest city in the US with a population over 5,000. I wasn’t sure of the population of Barrow.

    1. 7/10 – missed Syracuse, illness and onion/potato question wrong. Definitely thought it was Buffalo and not Syracuse. The other two was just a guess.

    1. 10 right! It’s useful to know the onion trick… I still remember the winter storm Juno in Boston… would’ve liked to know that them 😂

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