Quiz: What Creature Are You?

The Weather Channel is celebrating creatures of all types this week! Tune in to The Weather Channel every day starting at 6 AM on AMHQ and check back here every day for new Creature Week stories we guarantee you’ll love.

What kind of creature do you think you’re the most like: a bear, shark, snake, bee, or alligator? Although you’re probably inclined to say “Ew, I hope I’m like none of those,” each creature has respectable qualities that set them apart from the rest. In honor of Creature Week, go ahead and take the quiz to find out which creature you are!

Well what creature are you? Tell us your results below!


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  1. Odd that I got alligator since I don’t like reptiles (except those cute tiny turtles!) I was sure I would either be a cat or dog.

  2. I got a BEE, which is pretty much spot on since at one time, long ago, I was a Bay-BEE! LOL!

  3. Bear: If you were a creature, you’d be a bear! You’ll always stand up for what you believe is right and you protect your loved ones at all costs. You’re a natural leader, and people see you as being trustworthy.

    True, but I do lie sometimes, but rarely.

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