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Quiz: Tell Us Your Weather Preferences and We’ll Guess Your Hair and Eye Color

You’re probably wondering, “How could the people at We Love Weather possibly guess my hair and eye color based on 8 weather questions? They’re not that good, are they?” Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Take the quiz and find out yourself how accurate our prediction is!

Did we get it right? Let us know your results in the comments below!

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  1. Almost! Brown hair was correct but I have brown eyes, not the guessed green eyes. I wonder how this was determined?

  2. Nope,
    I have black hair and hazel green eyes. Not brown hair and brown eyes.

  3. Not right. I’m very blue eyes and have red hair, or had red growing up. Now it’s grey

  4. No sorry but no cigar my eyes are brown not blue. I have Grey hair, when younger it w/Black/Brownish not blonde Also, I am a male not a female. I know, I know, but it drives the PC crowd CRAZY  that I acknowledge that there’s a difference. & I LOVE IT . Pss. I even still open doors for every woman that I have the opportunity to do so for. & EVERY time, I’ve gotten a SMILE ☺ w/ A (oow, there are still gentlemen in the world) THANK YOU. EVERY TIME w/the exception of the middle comment, it changes time to time. But there’s always a smile, comment, finishing w/a Thank you. 

  5. I have blue eyes and reddish brown hair. Thanks! note: they said I had brown eyes and brown hair.

  6. Sorry but you got it wrong for my wife.  She has brown hair and green eyes, not brown eyes.

  7. The quiz gives me blond hair and blue eyes – Missed COMPLETELY! I actually have grey hair (previously brown) and brown eyes!

  8. You are sort of correct. I do have blue eyes and before I had cancer and my hair fell out, I did dye my hair blonde. So your assessment of me as being a blue eyed blonde is correct—from a certain point of blue. Great quiz! I would really like to know the science behind your prediction. Now that I am older–71 years old– my hair is silver white.

  9. Took the quiz. Not even close. You said brown hair, green eyes. I have very light blue eyes and silver/white hair.

  10. Sorry. Not even close. Blondish-brown and not Red & Hazel instead of Blue eyes. Interesting quiz.

  11. Nope… I don’t have brown hair and brown eyes! I have blue eyes and blonde hair!

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