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Quiz: Tell Us Your Weather Preferences and We’ll Guess Your Hair and Eye Color

You’re probably wondering, “How could the people at We Love Weather possibly guess my hair and eye color based on 8 weather questions? They’re not that good, are they?” Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Take the quiz and find out yourself how accurate our prediction is!

Did we get it right? Let us know your results in the comments below!

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  1. I took the quiz and it said i have brown hair and brown eyes, but that is not true.  I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. 😊

  2. You said brown hair and brown eyes. I have strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes.

  3. Half right–blue eyes, but brown hair, not blond. Oops! I thought this quiz looked familiar, looks like I did this quiz a couple of months ago with the same results.

  4. REAL Platinum blonde so the hair color was wrong- black eyes- brown will work- love fall and winter- hard to choose between them.

  5. hair colour wrong, eye colour correct. I prefer weather like we are having now as of 1/2/17 instead of june, july or august. I can find places to stay warm and comfortable than summer time.

  6. Got the blue eye color correct! But I am not a redhead, I am blonde.
    Such fun. Thank you@

  7. you said blond hair blue eyes,you goofed i actually used to have brown hair brown eyes,now im kinda salt and pepper hair and brown eyes at 52 years old

  8. Blue eyes–yes, blond hair–no, my hair is brown. I’m guessing that my answers might fit a northern European ancestry profile, but not all of us are blonds.

  9. Nope, wrong on both counts. I have Blonde hair, (now mostly gray) and blue eyes.

  10. Brown Hair/ Brown eyes

    I have Brown Hair/ Blue Eyes.

    I like the quizzes though

  11. Wow you got my hair and eye color right (Both Brown) But I answered every question truthfully 😁

  12. 180 degrees off. I just saw the solar eclipse so my next great adventure is the northern lights!

  13. I got Brown hair and green eyes. Pretty close. Light brown & blue-green.

  14. Both your guesses were wrong. My hair is white not brown and my eyes are blue not brown.

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