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Quiz: Tell Us Your Weather Preferences and We’ll Guess Your Hair and Eye Color

You’re probably wondering, “How could the people at We Love Weather possibly guess my hair and eye color based on 8 weather questions? They’re not that good, are they?” Maybe we are. Maybe we aren’t. Take the quiz and find out yourself how accurate our prediction is!

Did we get it right? Let us know your results in the comments below!

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  1. I have brown hair but my eyes are hazel, not brown. Good try! Love these quizs.

  2. Yes you got it right, I have brown hair and brown eyes. Love the quizzes thank you so much for the entertainment tonight I had with this one email alonel Wonderful Weather Channel watch all the time and go to bed lots of times with The Weather Channel on until I get too sleepy then off to dreamland.

  3. Nope, brown hair and green eyes. I like all of the celestial events–and have seen all three. I like all the clouds, too.

  4. B & B correct. But I liked almost all of the choices we were offered, so what does that say ? Thank GOD that the seasons and weather change, makes it interesting. I love all that nature has to offer us.

  5. i’m the opposite of your results. however, maybe i had brown hair and brown eyes in another life..who knows?

  6. I took the quiz and it said i have brown hair and brown eyes, but that is not true.  I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. 😊

  7. Half right–blue eyes, but brown hair, not blond. Oops! I thought this quiz looked familiar, looks like I did this quiz a couple of months ago with the same results.

  8. REAL Platinum blonde so the hair color was wrong- black eyes- brown will work- love fall and winter- hard to choose between them.

  9. hair colour wrong, eye colour correct. I prefer weather like we are having now as of 1/2/17 instead of june, july or august. I can find places to stay warm and comfortable than summer time.

  10. Got the blue eye color correct! But I am not a redhead, I am blonde.
    Such fun. Thank you@

  11. you said blond hair blue eyes,you goofed i actually used to have brown hair brown eyes,now im kinda salt and pepper hair and brown eyes at 52 years old

  12. Blue eyes–yes, blond hair–no, my hair is brown. I’m guessing that my answers might fit a northern European ancestry profile, but not all of us are blonds.

  13. Wow you got my hair and eye color right (Both Brown) But I answered every question truthfully 😁

  14. Both your guesses were wrong. My hair is white not brown and my eyes are blue not brown.

  15. wrong on both. I have ash blond hair and green eyes. maybe it was the eclipse question. saw a total eclipse in venezuela many years ago. haven’t seen the northern lights. also the favorite season was tough. toss up between fall and spring. btw my husband turns on the weather channel and leaves it on for hours sometimes.

  16. WRONG!!! I’ve got green eyes and blonde hair NOT brown hair, brown eyes. So much for quizzes….lol

  17. Got both wrong! I have blonde hair and hazel eyes. Although both are changing as I am getting older. My hair is getting a little darker and my eyes are always changing with the seasons

  18. We Love Weather chose blonde hair and blue eyes. My hair started out brown, now it’s white, so I’ll give you a wash on that one. i have grey eyes.

  19. Eye correct. Hair… hmm, was red long ago, now while. I guess my red personality still peeks thru.

  20. wrong color hair it’s brownish-red and right on the eyes blue! i can tell 48-72 hours before the weather is going to change by drippy nose, sinus headaches and stuffiness.

  21. It got the hair right – red – but I’ll give you a pass on the eyes. They’re more green than blue, but they lean to the blue side on stormy days!

  22. At one time blue eyes and blonde hair would have been right on.
    However after 80+ more years the eyes are the same color but the hair has gone awol and the color is more grey than anything else.

  23. Oops. You predicted brown eyes and brown hair. The Survey Says: Blue Eyes and Blond Hair! Now may I proceed to the lightning round?

  24. You were close. You said brown hair and brown eyes – my hair was brown but now is gray; I do have brown eyes.

  25. Wrong hair and eye color! Sorry guys I’m just not like all the others! I never belong in the group!

  26. My hair was brown about 30 years ago, mixed gray now and my eyes are blue, never brown….don’t wear colored contacts…you missed the boat

  27. Somewhat close, though I have hazel brown eyes as opposed to strictly brown eyes. But yes on the brown hair.

  28. NanaMT

    Totally Off!!! Maybe in my dreams I have blonde hair and blue eyes. In reality I’m gray (used to be dark brown) with bassett hound browns!!!!

  29. Fairly close. My hair is dark brown with gray (although I shave it bald) and my eye color is hazel brown with steaks of green and blue. Not bad.

  30. You said red hair and blue eyes. I have black hair and brown eyes. The exception that proves the rule?

  31. Close. I am a redhead with brown eyes. But since there are only 2% natural redheads in the world, I’ll forgive you. The blonde/blue eyes was a good guess based on preferring cold weather because of the lack of melanin.

  32. Wrong on both counts. Hair is dark ash blond and eyes are blue/gray, although I’m told they turn green when I angry.

  33. You got it both wrong.I don’t have red hair and blue eyes.I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes.Oh well,one of these days you’ll learn.

  34. Lol yes blonde hair but somehow I ended up the odd ball in the family, mom, dad and siblings have blue eyes but I have hazel πŸ™‚

  35. Correct, sorta. Used to have dark brown hair and brown eyes but hair has changed a bit. Salt and pepper hair color…colored brown.

  36. You got it right…to a point, but I won’t count the hair color wrong because my natural color is correct. I had problems with a couple of your choices. I love all the seasons since moving to an environment that has ALL four from Florida that has – two. I check the daily weather conditions by both going outside but watch The Weather Channel for what’s brewing and enjoy most types of clouds. Touch choices.

  37. Green/blue eyes, almost right and NOT blonde, brown but now highlighted platinum/gray that looks almost blonde~

  38. Dirty dishwasher blonde / dark ash blow hair and hazel eyes. Sometimes green and sometimes blue.

  39. I would LOVE to have red hair and blue eyes – I have neither. Wrong on both counts, Weather Channel friends!!!

  40. brown and brown are wrong….hazel and salt and pepper hair…whats left of it. Used to be black hair.

  41. I had my doubts, but they get it totally right!!
    (and I’m NOT a blonde-haired, blue-eyed CA girl… LOL)

  42. Normally that would be right, but I’ve been drinking for two days and red would be correct, plus I’m 68 and its salt and pepper now,.

  43. Hair color right. Eye color – way off. Brown? No way. I have multi-colored eyes, and brown is not one of the colors.

  44. got both of mine wrong, guessed mine to be brown hair and eyes. I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

  45. Hair used to be mousy brown, so correct diagnosis. Eyes are hazel with more green than brown, so partly correct.

  46. Well, she looks hazel to me. There’s a hint of brown in her eyes. But, my hair is red. Sooo close!

  47. Nope. Said I have Blonde hair and blue eyes. I have brown eyes and grey hair, used to be brown. Probably because I like the rain and cold. HaHa!

  48. Wrong on both kids. Hazel Eyes and Gray Hair. I was born a Red Head. That was fun though. πŸ™‚

  49. Unfortunately, no. My husband and kids are all blonde and blue-eyed, but I am not. (Although apparently my recessive genes are, does that count?)

  50. Right on the eye color but not the hair. I normally have brown (now gray mostly) but I have been blonde and now auburn, so, you are not necessarily wrong. Fun quiz!

  51. It said “Blonde hair and blue eyes” which is incorrect; I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. πŸ™‚

  52. Sorry wrong. no brown hair or brown eyes. (But a fun quiz). Please tell FIOS to give us back the weather channel. I can’t take it anymore. :-((

  53. My hair WAS brown as a young adult.It became white in my mid 50s.I’m 70
    now but the fitness level remains high;pre-rain hikes under an asperatus loaded sky are a delight.Eyes?Blue.

  54. Close. You said blonde hair, blue eyes. I’ve never been blonde, but I am now white haired and my eyes are (and always have been) green.

  55. No. Dark brown hair and green eyes, but paternal side of the family is Norwegian and I grew up in Minnesota, so it’s close!

  56. Was born with red hair n blue eyes (although hair colored now) so yes! They got it right!πŸ˜ƒ

  57. Not even close, sorry, friends ! I’m a green-eyed blonde and you said brown hair and brown eyes …..

  58. You guessed brown hair and green eyes, and I have blonde hair and blue eyes….. LOL πŸ™‚

  59. Your results claim I have brown hair and eyes. Totally incorrect. I have dirty blond hair and green-gray eyes. It’s ok, I still love you guys.

  60. Nope.. not blond hair or blue eyed.. try brown hair and hazel eyes.. both are warm tones which is why I of course like snow! Something about snow says cozy!!!!!

  61. You did pretty well!! Very blue eyes and hair that has a mind of its own… light brown in winter but the summer sun turns it blonde, so I’m giving it to you! Lol

  62. Half and half. I do have blue eyes but have gone to flesh tones (bald). Before that it was brown and then gray hair. Ah, aging.

  63. Quiz answer….brown hair, brown eyes. One for two isn’t to bad…..I guess. Actual brown hair, blue eyes.

  64. hair color correct (brown) but wrong on eyes (green) — I have brown eyes. .. fun quiz though!! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  65. As wrong as possible! You figured me as a blue-eyed blonde, but I’m a brown-eyed brunette. Presumably this quiz was based on some hoary old assumptions about only northern peoples enjoying foul weather, and northern peoples being generally light of hair and eyes. If so, that’s kind of eye-rollingly outmoded in 2017, Weather Channel!

  66. Missed the eye color.
    Would have gotten the hair right 25 years ago … I’m now 71 and totally gray.

  67. Sorry – green eyes and dark hair…but no worries, y’all are still the best at forecasting and analyzing the weather!

  68. You got the brown eyes right, but my hair is gray now, it hasn’t been brown for a long time.

  69. Oh no, both wrong, my eyes are blue , not brown, and my hair is light brown, in the sun has reddish highlights.   :((     It’s OK, love ya anyway.   :))

  70. hair color sorta right eye color WRONG my eyes are ice blue and can turn green especially if I cry a lot and the get blood shot. Nice try though.

  71. Well, they got half of it right…my hair is brown…but my eyes are blue/green. Oh, well, it was close.

  72. Yeah, right on target. I have natural brown hair and brown eyes. (I colored my hair with red highlights a couple of years ago.)

  73. When I HAD hair color it was a dishwater blonde; eyes are hazel not brown, so wrong on both counts! Nice try.

  74. Hair color good, eye color close. . Said green, im hazel and color sometimes depends on mood

  75. Took the quiz the second time and the guess was spot on. Eyes can be blue but they can also be green. I actually have hazel eyes.
    Good job Weather Channel!!!!

  76. Right eye color: blue. Wrong hair color: I’m salt and pepper with more salt than pepper!

  77. Got the eyes right. I am not sure what my true color is anymore but my mom always called it “dirty blond”. πŸ™‚

  78. Basically right – brown hair, you said green eyes although one could argue that they are blue

  79. Definetely not blond and blue eyed. How about gray hair and brown eyes. Must have been my cloud choice.

  80. I would love to have red hair and blue eyes, but I don’t.
    Brown hair, green eyes here.

    I’m going to take the test again.

  81. Not at all. You have me with brown hair and brown eyes. I am blonde with light blue eyes.

  82. 100% WRONG! My first 60 years eyes and hair dark brown, though my hair is now turning grey. YOU said I had blond hair and blue eyes.

  83. Totally wrong! You guessed blonde hair, blue eyes. I have auburn hair and brown eyes. Guess I’m more complex than I thought.