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Quiz: How Weather Impacts the Kentucky Derby

Whether you watch it for the intense racing, the crazy fashion, or celebrity spotting, the Kentucky Derby is a highly regarded event full of fun. However, the weather doesn’t care about any of that. Extreme heat, cold, rain, and even tornadoes have all impacted the famous Churchill Downs on race day. Take the quiz to see if you know just how much weather has had an influence on the 143 year-old race.

What did you get? Tell us how well you did below!

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  1. 1 right not bad since i don`t follow horse racing and all answers were guess`s

  2. It’s probably best to avoid making any bets on the race!
    I got 1 Right! LOL !

  3. I hate to admit it, but I only got 3 out of 10 correct – and I’m a Louisville native! I didn’t even realize that there was a horse named Thunder Snow racing in the Derby, but I’ve now got 10 bucks to win on him now! Yay Jim Cantore and thundersnow!

  4. One for six, then got the last two right . . . but Thunder Snow was the only one I knew for sure . . . worse than my shaky 2-for-5 on last night’s over/under on WUTV.

  5. I blanked out. I lived in Kentucky one time. So based on that,You would think
    I’d guess even a few right. Not so. Can’t be right all the time.

  6. I couldn’t find how to post my comments after the quiz so I clicked on it again and found this post area. I got 3 right but found the quiz very interesting.’
    R. Wendt

  7. O right, I love to see the Kentucky Derby when I can. Never seen the rainy days. Mostly guessing.

  8. Got 5 today which makes it a great way to start the weekend, internet users should not play!

  9. I got them all right. I love horse racing and never miss the Triple Crown. Let’s go Irish War Cry!!

  10. I do not know anything about the Kentucky Derby; therefore, I did not play the game. I just read the facts. I do not follow horse racing at all.

  11. 6 out of 8 – on my 2nd try LOL
    1st time I got 3 right – you think I could’ve done better the 2nd time!
    Call me Dory – short term memory loss!
    I don’t really follow the Kentucky Derby – sorry!
    I should – my daughter’s Godfather lives in Louisville & probably has been at least a couple of times w/his wife!

  12. Just got 3 right. A tough quiz. You have to be a big, big fan to know all the answers. We only watch it once a year, enough said. (ha ha) Wingnut22

  13. I play the Kentucky Dirty wash year and never thought these factors were helpful . Go Thunder Snow ! Time for another BLIZZARD !

    1. I guess you can tell I don’t know much about the Kentucky Derby but it was fun taking the Quiz.

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