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Quiz: How Weather Impacts the Kentucky Derby

Whether you watch it for the intense racing, the crazy fashion, or celebrity spotting, the Kentucky Derby is a highly regarded event full of fun. However, the weather doesn’t care about any of that. Extreme heat, cold, rain, and even tornadoes have all impacted the famous Churchill Downs on race day. Take the quiz to see if you know just how much weather has had an influence on the 143 year-old race.

What did you get? Tell us how well you did below!

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  1. I got four correct. But except for Thunder Snow all were just good guesses. GS

  2. these race horses are being abused by their trainers.~~~if you look closely, you will see the slober coming out if it’s mouth.~~~I use to bet on these beautiful horses, not realizing the terror they go through.~~~this is done in secret.~~~please check this out in depth.~~~a great site is, “greater, good”.

  3. Zero correct! I don’t know a thing about the K. 🐎 derby. It says not to bet, and I agree wholeheartedly.

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