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Quiz: Pick Out Weather Gear and We’ll Guess Which Decade You Were Born In

Throughout history, every decade has cultivated its own unique flavor, values, and style. The 1920s were all about ritzy flappers and living large, the 1950s were a time of innovation and change, and the 1980s were all about parachute pants and fanny packs. Whether you realize it or not, the decade you were born in has shaped a lot of who you are! We know exactly which one you were born in based on the weather gear you pick out.

Well, did we get it right? Comment below your results and whether they were accurate or not!

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  1. Unfortunately, You did not calculate the decade that I was born in. You did
    make me younger. Thank you.

  2. I guess I must be young at heart. You thought 80’s, I’m a 60’s person…love the weather channel.

  3. Definitely got it right. 1967. Awesome. Love TWC. Cannot wait till I’m able to become a certified storm spotter. HUGE weather nut.

  4. Wow, I couldn’t believe how far off it was. It said I was born in the 1990’s. I was born in the mid 1950’s. I must be more current that most of my fellow old people.

  5. Not even close! I was born in the 60s, not the 90s. But thanks for thinking I’m that young. 🙂

  6. People say I look young for my age, but you said 1980s and Iwas born in 1948, so that’s a stretch! I must have taste influenced by my daughters, they were children of the 80s.

  7. Wow, you were WAY off – 1980’s??? Ha. I was born in the 1930’s. You didn’t even have anything to pick from for that long ago.