Quiz: Which Weather Destination Should You Visit?

What amazing weather destination best suits you? Find out by taking this quiz, and don’t miss out on Top 10: Weather Destinations premiering this Sunday, September 11th at 9/8c!

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  1. Norway! Sounds good, but I was actually hoping for Tofino, BC. I saw TWC’s piece on Tofino and it looked like paradise to me!

  2. Tofino, British Colombia: This town may look quaint at first glance, but it’s coastal location makes it a perfect target for some of the most intense storms. Tofino is a place where storm trackers and meteorologists love to vacation due to the storm watching and tracking that goes on!

    I guess I’ll have to add that to my bucket list…

  3. Results came up with Hawaii. For me, it’s been a pipe dream for years to go there. 🙁

  4. I got Tofino, B.C., sounds really 😎, anyone want to watch some serious storms with me?

  5. It would be kind of cool if we all could go to Tofino, BC. Have a weather Con!

  6. Since we’re talking solely weather, Buffalo NY for the lake-effect snowstorms! Also, the perfect summers 🙂

  7. I grew-up on a ranch in western SD and my grandfather taught me how to understand the change of the changes in weather and that is what made me beware of what’s going around you. I was in the 1972 Rapid City flood and many tornado’s. I still love to be a watcher in SD. Not much going on in TN.

  8. I will go any time. Please send the airfare round trip to Las Vegas with 3 day lay over then to Hawaii for a month with hotel accommodations and 2 meals per day & a rental sports car for 3 weeks. Oh yes please do not forget the sun tan lotion.

  9. I got Tofino, BC. “This town may look quaint at first glance, but it’s coastal location makes it a perfect target for some of the most intense storms. Tofino is a place where storm trackers and meteorologists love to vacation due to the storm watching and tracking that goes on!”

  10. I’m happy to know so many people love WEATHER like I do. Most people I know say “be careful it’s raining outside.” I’m pretty much past the age of traveling, but if I were young I would certainly plan to vacation at these extreme weather locations. I love your tv stories about them. Possibly I’m living vicariously there. from Pollylew

  11. B.C. is actually in my top favorites, so beautiful….been years since I have been there! Would Love to visit again!

  12. I have Tofino! Awsome! Because when I grow up I alway want to be meteorologist to study weather. That my dream to be!

  13. My perfect Weather place is Northern Norway. I should like the Aurora Borelas ( hope I spelled it right) , because of its beauty. Also, I like cooler temperatures.

  14. I got Gulf of Carpenteria, Australia. Never heard of it but from the description and photo…count me in!!

  15. I haven’t ever been to Hawaii, but would love to see it. I’m fortunate enough to live near the beach now, west of Tampa, FL. It wasn’t so fun last week with Hurricane Hermine, but we made it thru without too many problems.

  16. Norway during the Aurora Borealis sounds perfect especially since I am almost 60% Scandinavian. We moved to Boston from So. Cali almost 8 yrs ago and I was glad to be out of the heat. But this summer in New England was very hot and dry and that scares me. We all must do everything we can to slow global warming and climate change. My favorite season, Fall is coming, so I am hopeful for cooler weather and beautiful foliage. Peace to you all.

    1. I’m from So. Cal as well but live in TN now. I love the 4 seasons but I miss Cali. The extreme heat and cold are really hard on my health issues and even worse on my son who has Multiple Sclerosis.
      I need to move to either CA or FL. I’ve lived through earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. That’s weather I can deal with.
      I totally agree with you about slowing Global Warming. We need to find a way to slow it down for us all!!

  17. Well…I’m not sure how accurate this ‘match’ is. Several categories are closely related and tip the scales. I’m not sure if I’d be heading to Hawaii as a vacation destination. (Unless it’s free)

  18. I got Tofino, have never heard of it before. I’m puzzled though, my ideal temp is 80-100 & that picture they show of Tofino… those people are not wearing shorts!!?

  19. Took the quiz twice and both times got Tofino B.C 😆 better start booking airplane tickets.

  20. I’ve been blessed to have traveled pretty much all over the world, (except Antarctica). Dollar for dollar those seeking a fantastic adventure can find it in the Hawaiian Islands. The place is phenomenal. The history, the geography, geology and meteorology are all there to marvel at.

      1. My husband and I took a 15 day cruise aboard the Grand Princess. What a nice place to go. I so love the ocean it is so nice n toasty. On the last port in the Hawaiian chain I picked it as a beach day. I would so love to live there.

  21. My favorite Hawaiian island is the Big Island. It has so many wonderful places to go and things to visit. Also, I have quite a few friends there. Wish I could live there too.

  22. Have always wanted to go to Australia so I will add the Carpentaria to the list.

    1. Tofino, British Columbia, sounds good to me. I love snow, cold weather and storms..

    2. That is the place I got too! Funny it is semi really close by to where I live now.

    1. That’s just it. Some parts are hot and dry (even volcanic). Others are lush and wet. You can go from sea level to over 10K feet in about an hour’s worth of travel.

  23. The quiz calculated my results and said my weather destination should be Hawaii. No surprise. I lived on Oahu for 3 years in the early 80s and it is pretty much my favorite place on Earth.
    “Hawaii is a unique island with so much to offer. You can relax in the sun, hike beautiful mountains, visit the most active volcano in the world, and even see snow! It is also one of the only places where you can drive from sea level to 14,000 feet in under two hours.”

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