Quiz: What Type of Weather Are You Most Compatible With?

What kind of weather best aligns with your personality? Answer these 8 questions to find out!

Tell us your results in the comments below!

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  1. You got me right on the money, I’m a true pluviophile…a lover of the rain.

  2. You got me this time. Love Sunny Skies but not the extreme heat that comes with it. Thank you.

  3. Mine is Stormy Conditions! Haha Ya I totally get that alot! Buta, my favorite class to take is Meteorology tho! Lol

  4. Most compatible with beautiful sunshiny days, most definitely a great feeling!!!!!

  5. I hate rain 😟! Not most compatible with Rainey Conditions 😵 But I do love Rainbows 🌈

  6. You hit it on the head, so to speak ! I love storms, lightening, wind and all types of severe weather. Lightening is the most beautiful and interesting phenomenon I have ever encountered, I’ll never see enough of it ! You picked just the right picture for me !

  7. Stormy conditions. Seems right, used to climb to the top of our oak tree to watch thunderstorms roll in. Got yanked off my sailboard by lifeguards trying to catch the outflow wind of a thunderstorm when I came too close to shore.

  8. Sunny is correct! Can you please tell me where to Retire in the USA on the east coast that has cultural activities, laid back folk, good weather, no hurricanes, ocean or lakes, etc. ??? I need your opinions re: this! Thanks much!

    1. Isabelle, there really is no equitable climate on the east coast, but Long Island, New York where I live does have cultural activities, laid back people, and of course we are surrounded by water. ANd New York City is about an hour by car or train depending on where on the island you are. The weather’s not too bad fall and spring are nice summer a little but hot winter a bit cold with some snow but all in all not too bad. The north shore is really quaint like New England and the south shore is beachy like the Jersey SHore. The East End is very touristy. I love it here. Hope this helps!

  9. Wow! You nailed it. I take these types of quizzes all the time, and this is the first time I totally agree with the results.

  10. I got rainy weather. I have been considering a move to Oregon but I love the sun more than rain.

  11. I got stormy weather but my favorite weather is cold and snow. I even want to see thundersnow here in Columbus, Ohio.

  12. Foggy conditions–yes! I like storms also. Love to visit Golden Gate Park on a foggy day–the fog drifting through the tall Monterey pines is just so-o-o-o-o mysterious and beautiful!

  13. You tend to see the sunny side of things, and you love being in the open air. Your friends can always count on you to encourage them and share your positivity! That’s me.

  14. I’m most compatible with sunny conditions: You tend to see the sunny side of things, and you love being in the open air. Your friends can always count on you to encourage them and share your positivity!

    While I guess I do have that personality, sunny in Texas (especially in the summer) is too hot and I hate it!

  15. I got rainy weather! 🙂 I do like it, but not for too many days in a row or I find it depressing!

    Otherwise, We Love Weather got it right. Unfortunately I live in a climate that doesn’t get enough rain. 🙁

    The movie question got me, as I can only pick one but it was a tie between two.

  16. SNOW, YES! Grew up in Chicago when we had snowy winters all the time (60’s). Moved to the PAC NW and now I get to go find snow anytime of the year if I want to. Sometimes I just have to go a little farther up into the mountains 🙂 Went searching for the snowline last weekend at Iron Horse Trail up near Snoqualmie Pass.

  17. I got Sunny weather. But I knew that. That’s why I live in the SW desert area! Sunny about 330 days a year, if not more. Love it!

  18. Okay, you know what? I’m probably wrong, but all the other questions except for the candy heart question probably doesn’t matter. One second.

  19. Stormy Conditions! Hit that nail on the head, could be part of why I’m a Storm Chaser, Skywarn Spotter and Have my own Storm Tracking Team/FB page called Midwest Skywarn Storm Trackers of The Quad Cities and with SVLMedia llc.

  20. Sunny is ok, but it gets boring after a while. Love a good storm and fog rolling in from the ocean. Hail and snow are a nice change of pace if I don’t have anywhere to go. I guess I just love the weather.

  21. Hmm….that’s interesting. I’m apparently a lightning storm person. Well, that fits, really. I’ve always adored thunderstorms! I love the sun, too, though.

  22. I got snow. I love the snow and cold!❄️❄️❄️❄️☃☃☃🌨🌨

  23. I got stormy weather which i think is probably right on the mark….

  24. I do love the sunshine, it makes me feel alive! And I do try to see the bright side of things in life.

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