Quiz: What Type of Weather Are You Most Compatible With?

What kind of weather best aligns with your personality? Answer these 8 questions to find out!

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  1. I got snow which makes sense because I don’t like the heat much. And I do love to ski.

  2. Snowy? No way! Couldn’t be more wrong. I fled Michigan to get away from the snow and cruise the Caribbean every chance I get. Oh well…. It was fun to take the quiz anyway.

  3. I got rainy which isn’t bad except we have so many gray days here that I really prefer warm and sunny!

  4. I got stormy. That fits since I love standing outside and watching lightening while hoping to one day see the elusive sprite. Also love lightening during snow storms. In my 57 years have seen and heard it twice. Both times at night.

  5. Sunny’s gotta be my favorite, yes, but I love a good storm too! Been through 6 tornadoes, 2 hurricanes and 1 earthquake. Love me some bad weather!

  6. I can also add, sitting in front of a warm fireplace with a cold bottle of Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout. Life is Good.

  7. This is so me, I am the person that grabs a camera when the weather gets bad, especially thunder storms, I live for thunder storms, with a lot of lightning, the more the better!!!

  8. i suppose that goes good with the blues and playing the guitar,or trying to play. plug into your favorite vintage guitar / amp and play. let the fog roll on in as it may.

  9. I got fog, very accurate! I’ve always loved mysterious and adventurous things in life!

    1. AlexisCarden, I earned exactly what you got. Both of us are the curious types who are always looking for new challenges. We enjoy learning about the world around us. Moreover, our sense of adventure leads us to discovering new passions. What a coincidence! Ha-ha! #wxpersonalitytwins 🙂

  10. Rainy conditions. I don’t mind the rain as long as it’s not too much. It’s perfect weather to snuggle though!

  11. Sunny conditions. Even during cold northcentral PA winters, I like the sunshine best.

  12. I am happy with the sunny conditions – must be accurate ! 😉

  13. Blizzards all the time! That even puts polluting snow removal to a halt and reverses man-made global warming

  14. Snowy condition I guess that shows well. I live in Chicago area but the snow has been sparse this year.

  15. Stormy Conditions. I love to watch the lightning in the sky on a dark night.

  16. Snow is the best!! It carries my favorite memories and even now I can’t resist going out to play in a good snowstorm.

    1. There’s a comma after “stormy”, ‘space’ between ” ,” and “having”, and the “t” in “Vt” is capitalized. 😛

  17. I do like a good storm, severe depends, tornadoes from a safe distance.

  18. Rainy conditions ~ So true I love a good spring rain and thunder storm….

    1. I’m snow… I’ve never been in snow. HOW CAN IT GUESS LIKE THAT????

    1. Stormy Conditions is so right! My preferred way to die wouldn’t be chasing a tornado… RIP from the El Reno Tornado though… 😐

    2. Well, I don’t agree with stormy weather, I love sunny to partly sunny. I guess I’m solar powered as my husband says.

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