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Quiz: What Type of Traveler Are You?

Summertime is the perfect season to pack up the car and take a fun roadtrip with family or friends. What kind of traveler do you think you are? Take the quiz to find out!

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  1. Chill traveler, that sounds about right. Don’t think I’d choose Santa Monica State Beach tho.

  2. Traditionalist Traveler: You appreciate order and are very organized when it comes to planning trips and your family thanks you for it. For this reason, traveling to a new place without a plan would be stressful for you. You would love a guided trip in a more traditional locale, so why not try a wine tour vacation in Napa Valley, California? That’s as classic as it gets!
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    While I like to know what is going to be happening schedule-wise if there is one, if there isn’t a schedule, I don’t usually make any plans. I leave that up to others and mother nature (fate).

  3. “You are an extreme traveler!” I agree and as noted “Alaska is calling your name! ” It’s on my Bucket list after already covering the US and Canadian Rockies.

  4. Not a beach person. I like to look at the ocean but no tanning. I usually visit family on vacation.

  5. I am a Traditionalist traveler, and so right on the answer! I like to be organized, and plan ahead with an A and B plan. Yes, I do like to drink wine in a blue moon . Not much of an alcohol drinker. I like taking pictures of Mother Nature, and my family growing up. I like to take pictures of huge churches, that are so awesome inside, and I do enjoy eating at different restaurants trying out their menu of foods I like to try. One of my jobs in my career was a receptionist, I enjoy talking to people, that has not changed.

  6. This is so me. But I so loved going to Alaska too.
    I am outgoing and creative with a passion for art, music and writing. A city with rich artistic history would be perfect for you. You would love the creativity and art in New York City. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is America’s largest and is home to more than two million works. It includes pieces from Rembrandt, Degas, van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Picasso, and many more!

  7. Artsy is on the nailhead! I was an art major in school, and spent 2 years in Europe traveling as much as possible. I tried to stay in b&b’s and eat where the locals ate, visited the great museums but also looked for local arts and
    crafts. Plus I love history so I always researched months in advance anywhere I was going and soaked it all up!

  8. I’m chillin’, but not at the beach. Rather go back to Alaska, Canada or one of our awesome National Parks. Having said that, snorkeling might be nice.

  9. Artsy. Problem is, for quite a few questions, there wasn’t an answer that was accurate for me, so I just went with the least awful. And the odds that I’d willingly take a vacation in a city are laughably slim.

    1. I also was termed an Artsy Traveler. I agree about the answers to the questions – the lesser of 4 evils. I would not really want to take a vacation in NYC for sure – the beach or Alaska would be my ideal place to visit.

    2. Exact same thing for me. It called me artsy and the only reason I got that was because no answers suited my style of travel so I picked the one that was closest to what seemed like me.

  10. On 3 questions, I needed a “None of the Above” or more than just a single response. I just had to pick one.
    Trial #1 said I was a Chill traveler.
    Trial #2 (with alternate responses) said I was a Traditionalist.
    Truth is probably halfway in between.

  11. I am a chill traveler. Spot on. Not sure about the beach part (though I love anywhere with proximity to the water). I adapt easily to the local scene and love being out for the day exploring!

  12. I’m a chill traveler, love the beach ,but I also love doing other things too, so all in all I like quietness, theme parks and all that hectic stuff , best of both worlds.

  13. A chill traveler. Not sure about that, had a rv at one time which was a big mistake. Should have rented one before buying one.

    1. What`s a vacation going for walk in your hometown can be one of the best vacations of your life

    1. I’m on my way to Alaska. These little quizzes they have, had have hit me 110%. Yeah I am going to start making my plans for Alaska… By my birthday I’ll be there…

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