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Quiz: What Type of Festival Should You Attend This Summer?

Summer is a season full of sunshine, good times, and (of course) festivals! No matter what you’re interested in, it’s pretty much guaranteed that there’s a summer festival out there for you. The challenge is narrowing it down to which one you should attend… That’s where this quiz come in!

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  1. Foodie! Best one for me. Yes, I like to eat. I don’t drink so I didn’t choose any of those.

  2. I got Food Festival! I loved to try different types of food..Im getting hungry now..thanks lol. great quiz!

  3. This quiz guessed it pretty good…I’m all about Art. Newport Folk and Jazz festivals are my favorites. I own a couple 3D Art sites and love music. Glad I stopped by. Gotta do it more often.

  4. I got food 🍲 festival! No surprise there! Always watching TV for new food places to try and writing em down so I don’t forget! The perfect meal would be in a restaurant with a glass roof or huge plate glass window in the middle of a big thunderstorm! 🙂

  5. Music festival. I’ve been to a few. Anything involving food is good too.

  6. The Weather Channel knows me well. Indeed, I love enjoying a good meal whether it is Mexican, Chinese, or Italian. Thus, I would attend a food festival anytime during the summer. #wxfoodie 😀

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