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Quiz: What Type of Extreme Weather Are You?

Severe season is officially in full swing in parts of the country! Do you think you’re more like a tornado? A flood? A thunderstorm? Discover who you really are (in weather form) below:

Well, were your results what you expected? Tell us in the comments below what type of extreme weather you got!

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  1. I was a tornado! I’d do love being outdoors free and one with nature. Good choice for me.

  2. Tornado: You prefer life outside of the city, where you can be surrounded by nature and wide open spaces. You are a free spirit—you’ll go wherever the wind blows you!

    While I do like it out on the countryside, I also want cell service and/or Wi-Fi. I actually live in the city but my grandparents live in the sort-of-countryside, which is a nice getaway from time to time.

  3. Yuppers….a Tornado would have been my choice….I live in Wisconsin…just had one come through the other night..

  4. The last question had no choices I take part in . . . hiking should have been a choice. I’m a Tornado, but I wonder how much it would change if I was a hiker instead of a biker?

  5. Yay a hurricane! I love hurricanes and i can’t wait to be in hurricane season! Who can’t wait until June 1st? I can’t lol. I love any other extreme weather but i guess i’m a hurricane.

  6. Tornado. Which i do love cause the supercells are interesting that makes em😃

  7. I got tornado. Just what I would expect. I chase ’em, I love ’em, I love to be out in the open country where I can see them coming from a good ways away. Nothing like the beauty of a supercell from a distance over the Plains of Nebraska!

  8. Thunderstorm. Maybe one day my husband and I can leave things behind and travel. Just leave and go and where we end up, we end up for about a month and then move on. Our ultimate dream.

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