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Quiz: What Type of Extreme Weather Are You?

Severe season is officially in full swing in parts of the country! Do you think you’re more like a tornado? A flood? A thunderstorm? Discover who you really are (in weather form) below:

Well, were your results what you expected? Tell us in the comments below what type of extreme weather you got!

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  1. I am a Free Spirit…Have to agree….I’m old and have always enjoyed the outdoors and nature……

  2. Tornado. Should have known. Quiz seems a bit short though. I love going on trips and adventures. Beach and country are my favorites, whether local countryside, Rockies, or Gulf coast. Anywhere without the hustle and bustle are fine with me. Sedate and quiet. The sounds of nature, whether the roar of the weather or chirping of the birds and whisper of the breeze.

  3. GailEl: BLIZZARD: Yes, I love the snow and being outdoors. Its’ an experience!

  4. Hurricane. No surprise there. My family was forced to evacuate when hurricane Dora hit Glynn County in the 60s.

  5. Hurricane!..love the warm weather and the ocean..not exactly a powerful person but can be unpredictable..interesting

  6. I’m a blizzard, enjoying what is probably our last good snowfall of the season this morning in NE Ohio. Hate the heat!

  7. Thunderstorm. Wanted to be a tornado, but I guess it’s close enough. Did anyone get supercell?

  8. I hypothesized flood before I completed this quiz; as it turned out, I was affirmative. My friends, families, and relative often underestimate both my tenacity and endeavor. I dedicate to the things that I care about in life, Moreover, although I can sometimes feel like I am flooded with responsibilities, I always get things done. #trueextremewxfact 😀

  9. Tornado. I definitely prefer being outdoors surrounded by nature whether it is on the golf course, riding my motorcycle or going for a walk in the desert or through the woods with my camera. Your assessment was right on.

  10. Hurricane. Oddly my favorite weather pun.. They call it a Hurry Cane, but it’s​never in a hurry to go away.

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