Quiz: What Type of Extreme Weather Are You?

Severe season is officially in full swing in parts of the country! Do you think you’re more like a tornado? A flood? A thunderstorm? Discover who you really are (in weather form) below:

Well, were your results what you expected? Tell us in the comments below what type of extreme weather you got.

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  1. Wow, I was surprised. have never thought of myself as a Hurricane and being a powerful presence….have to think about that one.

  2. Tornado I already knew that. This things make me go in awe love it as long no one is hurt

  3. I’m happy with the tornado label. I like to shred mountain bike trails.

  4. Never thought living near the ocean and hurricanes! I prefer the Midwest and tornadoes and thunderstorms.

  5. My results said I am more like a hurricane. After consideration, I suppose I agree. I was reared in Florida , we had several hurricanes. Live now in NC , about 3 hrs from the ocean. Did live thru Hugo here. But wouldn’t live anywhere else. I think my personality isn’t quite as strong. Don’t want to blow anyone away . 

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