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Quiz: We Know What State You Live in Based on 8 “Would You Rather” Weather Questions

The region you live in says a lot more about you than you may know! Answer these 8 weather-related “would you rather” questions and we’ll see if we can guess where you live in the US.

What were your results? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great Lakes is right, but not right on. Illinois is my current State, but I have lived in MN, WI, MI and OH

  2. You missed that by a few hundred miles! I live in North Carolina, not Ohio, Michigan or Indiana. I can’t stand heat and heat with humidity is even worse, if that’s even possible,.

  3. Live in Georgia which is warmer than you predicted by only a little bit.

  4. I live in Texas where it is warm and humid most of the year! I would love cooler weather, but New Jersey, New York, or Pennsylvania are not even close!!!

  5. You got it right! I live in the state I was born in. I have been other places, but visiting them is enough for me. Michigan has no hurricanes, few tornadoes, and infrequent earthquakes. Never seen a long term drought or a forest fire. We have all four seasons, but rarely any long term heat or cold. The only thing that could make it better would be a few mountains here and there.

  6. Although I think Montana and the Dakotas would be really cool and beautiful places to live, I live in Ohio. It’s nice too.

  7. Your guess was wrong. I do not live in Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan. I live in Mississippi.

  8. Wrong. Picked three states I have never lived in although it is correct that I live away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  9. This “Would You Rather?” concluded that I live in OH, IN, or MI, but actually I live in Atlanta. When I scrolled down a little, there was a sentence that read, something like, “You are a Great Lakes kinda guy.” Then I remembered, I was born in Buffalo, and because I was very young when we moved south, I unlike my parents, see the majestic beauty of snow!

  10. Your results were totally wrong (FL, SC, GA You’re a true southerner, aren’t you?)
    Only in my heart. I live in Boston, MA

  11. I was born and raised in the greater Kansas City, MO area.
    IU lived for 18 years in Richmond, VA before having to return to Kansas City where I now reside again.

  12. Unfortunately it was the wrong answer. But the state’s that were guessed are the ones I would like to live in.

  13. KOPS: So Carolina, Georgia and Florida. I lived in Florida for 15 years. I prefer New England.

  14. The quiz about what state you live in nailed it!! I love the quizzes. So much fun. Love the Weather Channel.

  15. Mine weren’t very accurate, but I feel like personal preferences could make differences in the answers.

  16. to funny, I use to live in Illinois near Chicago. good quiz.

  17. you guies got right where I would rather be living, in fact I was born in south dakota so I guess it is near to my heart 🙂 shout out to Jim Cantore!

  18. It gave me South Carolina, Georgia, Florida. Nope, sorry I live in Minnesota. I would love to live in the south for a few years just to try it out.

  19. Well, not quite right. I am a southerner, but in Tennessee. Someday soon will be living in Georgia though. 😁

  20. It gave me SC, GA, or FL and said I’m a true southerner. This is funny because I live in Wisconsin.

  21. Nope…didn’t get it right. I’m originally from PA but currently in MA. Close but not correct.

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