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Quiz: We Know What State You Live in Based on 8 “Would You Rather” Weather Questions

The region you live in says a lot more about you than you may know! Answer these 8 weather-related “would you rather” questions and we’ll see if we can guess where you live in the US.

What were your results? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m guessing the guess your state quiz is only for Lower 48 people? The result came back with the Dakotas and I live in Interior only a few hours from the Arctic Circle!

  2. Way off. South Carolina. May live here but doesn’t mean I want to stay.

  3. Although I visit Indiana every year and wouldn’t mind living there, I don’t currently live there or Ohio or Michigan. I was born and raised in New Jersey and still live in New Jersey

  4. You said California, Nevada or Utah. Sorry to say that is incorrect. Born in Illinois, currently live in Pennsylvania

  5. Pretty close….. Wyoming….. doesn’t look like many were right on, but close yes 😊

  6. Nope, I’m a northern Ohioan! So your guess of the southern states is way off!
    I HATE winter! But I don’t like excessive heat & humidity either. Guess I’m just a tweener!

  7. Close, but no cigar, we’re Proud Texans, but have lived on-off in Florida!

  8. I have lived in New England (Massachusetts, now Vermont) all my life, but I got South Carolina, Georgia or Florida. I do feel like I was a southerner in a past life though, so I’ll say they were half right.

  9. Sorry; I live in Oregon. I have lived in many of those weather conditions and I enjoyed them all.

  10. You got it right! I do live in Georgia. How great are these quizzes, guys? The person who makes them must work so hard at their job. Keep it up!

  11. You guessed Montana or the Dakotas – actually I live in Gulf Breeze Florida, but I would rather live in east part of East Tennessee.

  12. Not even close. I live in SC and TWC guessed Montana and the Dakotas. I dearly love Montana but also dearly love my Native South Carolina.

  13. nope..totally wrong. It said Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota. I live in NJ, but my weather preferences are a bit different from those that live her. Maybe I should move?

  14. Close, I wish I lived in the South. Sadly, I live in PA and winters here can be pretty yucky:(. Love SC!

  15. Close but no cigar. In Mass, which IS the east coast but just not the states mentioned. Great guess though. 🙂

  16. I am not a southerner. I’m from PA! I don’t like extreme heat or extreme cold. I’d rather have Spring all year long!

  17. Close you said, Ohio, Indiana and Michigan but it’s Pennsylvania

  18. California, Nevada or Utah!! I live in Montana, at least they got the west side right!!

  19. You were close but no cigar: correct on East Coast but home state is MD!

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