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Quiz: We Know What State You Live in Based on 8 “Would You Rather” Weather Questions

The region you live in says a lot more about you than you may know! Answer these 8 weather-related “would you rather” questions and we’ll see if we can guess where you live in the US.

What were your results? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. “You’re a true southerner, aren’t you?”

    No, Ohio born and bred, my entire life a Buckeye.

  2. Well… you’re wrong. Said I live in South Carolina, Georgia or Florida. Nope. Tennessee. West Tennessee

  3. Wrong… said I live in So Carolina, Georgia or Florida. I’m in Massachusetts!

  4. Not at all! You said South Carolina, Georgia or Florida…I live in Iowa!

  5. Totally wrong. I live in South Carolina. I hate summer, love fall and winter and love rain and snow. You said Indiana, Michigan and another state.

  6. No, sorry you got it all wrong. I live in OHIO & you said Florida or Georgia or South Carolina

  7. My results were off, but it’s okay. I live in Ohio, and my results guessed Montana, North Dakota, or South Dakota!

  8. The quiz results are way off. I’m not in California, Nevada, or Utah. I lived in North Carolina for 30 years, 10 years in Pennsylvania, and the rest in Tennessee. Perhaps being interested in photography has made my answers atypical.

  9. Close – I am in Massachusetts and you came up with NY, NJ, or PA

  10. You were correct I live in Ohio. Love the change of seasons and winter with snow is my favorite.

  11. 100 percent correct, I grew up in New Jersey and now live in New York. Amazing

  12. I was born and lived in upper New York state (Honeoye Lake south of Rochester) until joining the navy when I was 20 and I now have lived in Florida for the past 20 years, after having lived in Las Vegas for 10 years after retiring from the Navy and moving to Florida. Nice try, but having moved around the world while in the Navy I have come to enjoy a more temperate climate.

  13. That was fun to do, but I live in NJ. It’s just a big thing here for snow because we’ve had years of no snow & years of plenty, but it always causes excitement & anticipation. CBS3 began their news show a half hour early at 4am for their storm alert. We were expecting an inch!

  14. You missed it by several thousand miles. You put me in Ohio, wrong!!! I live in Louisiana!!

  15. Sorry, you placed me in California, Utah, or Nevada. I live in Virginia, though I was born and raised in New York. I did spend several years stationed in California though.

  16. In middle of country, but in Michigan where we get a mix of all that weather, just not in big doses!

  17. FL, GA, SC – you picked the states I’m planning on moving to within a year!!
    I live in Syracuse NY

  18. Totally wrong. I live in Seattle,Wa. But I was born and raised in Ohio if it helps?. 😁

  19. Absolutely Not. I live in the desert southwest and love it. I’d hate the humidity of the southeast. The weather channel is east coast and midwest-centric.

  20. Sorry; I’m a Georgia girl for all my life!……….just prefer cold to hot any day!

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