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Quiz: We Know What State You Live in Based on 8 “Would You Rather” Weather Questions

The region you live in says a lot more about you than you may know! Answer these 8 weather-related “would you rather” questions and we’ll see if we can guess where you live in the US.

What were your results? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I don’t currently live in South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida but I did live in Georgia back in the late 70s. We talk a lot about moving to the Savannah GA area. I currently live in the north and really hate winter. So maybe this is an omen I get to move?

  2. It said Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas. I’m actually in East Tennessee.

  3. Not even close. That’s probably because I don’t like the state I live in. But I don’t like any state in my results either.

  4. Not even close!!! I am from Massachusetts!! It’s all in fun though so it’s all good!! I had fun, keep them coming!!

  5. Hmmm hard to say, having lived in 6 different states. Prefer not too hot, not too cold, hate humidity. 😎

  6. You guessed South Carolina, Georgia or Florida as to where I live, but in all truthfulness, I live in West Virginia.

  7. I’m from Boston originally, leaving in South West Florida….I hate the dead of winter but the summers here are tiring..You didn’t get it though.

  8. I wish I lived in Montana, North Dakota or South Dakota!! Im in South Carolina! and Im sick of the heat!

  9. You got it incorrect. From the northeast, not GA, FL, SC

  10. A: you guessed 3 states, so you make the odds of guessing it 3 times greater. B: you still didn’t guess it.

  11. No…just because I like warm weather, doesn’t mean I get to live in that environment! I’m a New Englander, specifically, a
    Rhode Islander.

  12. This quiz is not to determine WHERE you live – it’s where the person would RATHER live. My results were: Montana, North Dakota, or South Dakota. Wrong – I live in Arizona……. but would RATHER live where there are four distinct seasons!

  13. Where I live (Florida) is not where I would choose to live(Midwest, where I am from originally)……But definitely not North Dakota! Fun quiz……enjoyed it.

  14. Nope. I live in Idaho, not Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio. Although they did get the first letter correct on one.

  15. Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan.

    I live in Alabama, so what I’m asking for is a total dream.

  16. Quiz guessed California, Nevada, or Utah, but I live in Indiana. I could easily live in California, Nevada, or Utah however – so maybe it’s a mind reader quiz.

  17. No – you are wrong. Live now in Rhode Island. Not a southerner, but heading south soon.

  18. Not Close! It said “Indiana, Ohio or Michigan…I live in Washington State!

  19. While they often get it right, this quiz got it wrong. It said “Indiana, Ohio or Michigan. I live in Northern California. 🙂

  20. Close results; I’m two states to the south where it’s a little warmer in the winter and not as much snow. The results were Montana & the Dakotas.

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