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Quiz: We Know What State You Live in Based on 8 “Would You Rather” Weather Questions

The region you live in says a lot more about you than you may know! Answer these 8 weather-related “would you rather” questions and we’ll see if we can guess where you live in the US.

What were your results? Did we get it right? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Way off. From the Southwest, but now live in the Northwest. I think that may have made my answers hard to pinpoint! As they mat be different than before moving

  2. I am a true southerner, but I don’t live in any of the states listed. Grew up in SC, moved to MA 30 years ago and long to go back south. I loved the snow for years, but now that I am getting older the warm weather is calling.

  3. You got it right. I’m a transplanted Pennsylvanian living in Florida. However, due to my military career, I have also lived in the following states: Alabama, Alaska (x2), Maryland, Missouri (x2), Michigan, and Hawaii (x2). I know what I like.

  4. No your wrong ! I wouldn’t live in those 3 states NO WAY ! If I had to stay for winter months it would be up North Lake Placid, NY or New England the other state would be PA