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Quiz: Which State Do You Belong In?

Everyone has one state that’s a perfect match for them. Maybe yours is in the bustling northeast… Or the slow-paced south… Or the friendly midwest… There’s only one way to find out though! Take the quiz below to reveal the state you truly belong in.

Which state is your perfect state? Are you going to have to pack up and move or are you already living where you’re meant to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Texas – Boy did you miss our lifestyle – it is too hot in the summer & too cold in the winter – Our choice is island life in the Caribbean -as for our state it is Florida Keys-The Conch Republic !

  2. Montana, beautiful country but not to live in. I’ll stick to my adopted state of Arizona.

  3. Texas??? Really?? Never been there & have no desire to visit there; I do enjoy my Snowbird Florida home, so maybe it’s kind of close??? My daughter has been down there for 10 years. Finally got smart & is moving back to Michigan.

  4. The first time we drove through Nebraska many years ago, i said i would like to live in Grand Island IF I ever left Michigan. I’m still in Michigan.

  5. Survey says Oregon. We used to live there but jobs took us elsewhere. Wish we could return.

  6. Survey said Massachusetts……where I do live…..Connecticut….surprisingly not so far off this time.

  7. The result was Illinois which is close. I born/live 15 miles east of IL in west central Indiana and take many “quick-cation” weekends to Chicago downtown.

  8. You said South Carolina. I prefer Chicago, where I can have a huge variety of weather sometimes all in the same day!

  9. I am from Tennessee so South Carolina doesn’t surprise me. We are just missing the ocean here.

  10. Looovve Hawaii (my chosen State based on quiz), but I would feel landlocked. Leaving Illinois for Florida.

  11. Never thought of Oregon but sounds interesting, we like going to Vermont and except for the ocean they are similar.

  12. I would like to live in a warm state, nice and sunny, peaceful and all that…not sure it’s South Carolina though. I know people who live in that state, so maybe?

  13. Hawaii, and I live in Ohio, what a big difference that would be. I love volcano’s so it would be great to live there. I hear it costs much more though.

  14. South Carolina. Close. I live in Georgia, but have a house in Florida, where I spend a lot of time. I’m looking for that mystical place where I’m not hammered with all the socio/political craziness.

  15. Well, I was born and raised in that state, so your calculation was a good and lucky guess. 😛

  16. You said Texas, I don’t think so. To many weather changes. So I guess I will stay where I am which is GA.

  17. Nebraska? I don’t think so. Too conservative and they get tornadoes. Happy to stay in California or move to Oregon or Washington. Much rather be on the West Coast.

  18. I agree totally with jeffparsons45, I too would love to live in Montana or at least get a chance to visit there.

  19. Nebraska…hmmm. I now live in Arizona and wish I could go back to the Midwest..just not Nebraska.

  20. No way! I have had enough of the east coast’s humidity, even though I have lived in the Northeast my entire life.

  21. I am laughing. I lived in TX when I was 2. Been in IL ever since. I am a beach person at heart.💜

    1. This year was an exception. The past few winters have been milder, but we have had a few that got pretty cold

  22. The survey picked Montana, Actually very close to my favorite state: Colorado. South West Montanna by Yellowstone and North Montana by Glacier National Park are fantastic but the Colorado Rockies all within 2 1/2 hours of Denver make exploring the diversity of the Rocky Mountains easier when you live on the East Coast