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Quiz: Which State Do You Belong In?

Everyone has one state that’s a perfect match for them. Maybe yours is in the bustling northeast… Or the slow-paced south… Or the friendly midwest… There’s only one way to find out though! Take the quiz below to reveal the state you truly belong in.

Which state is your perfect state? Are you going to have to pack up and move or are you already living where you’re meant to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Close, on the climate-wise, I live in Mississippi but was born and raised in southeast Louisiana.

  2. I live in SW Florida and love it here. I agree there should be a “none of the above” choice.

  3. I got Texas, and I have no desire to live there. Also, an option in the answer choices should be “none of the above.” For me, that was the real answer to some questions.

    I know this is just for fun, but sometimes multiple choice doesn’t give you much of a choice! And some of the images are not clear enough for me to know if I’d want to be there or if it’s my favorite scene.

  4. I got South Carolina. I’m from Southern California and I’ve never been to South Carolina.

  5. This quiz gave me South Carolina. I’m from WI and have no desire to go south. This was really off.

  6. I got Oregon – I live in northern California – which is not too far away. Along with North Carolina, Oregon is one of my favorite states.

  7. I got Montana! It seems like a pretty close fit, since I enjoy the pioneer way of life, nature, fishing and storms.

  8. I got Illinois, which isn’t too far from Ohio where i live. Probably about the same, but that’s ok, i like it here!

  9. I have taken this quiz several times and you always end up putting me on the East Coast, where I would never choose to live. What is your problem with the West Coast? – or for that matter Hawaii? You need to rework this quiz. It is so poorly written.

  10. NOT South Carolina! Though I’m not living there now, I’m a Texan!

  11. I should live in Nebraska idk if that’s a big change from texas or not XD

  12. That is a total crack up….. says I should live in Montana and I did for 17 years and loved it, am in Colorado now and love it as well. I should head back to Montana now seeing the X is in Arizona.

  13. I’m from Massachusetts and I do like the warm weather. My answer is South Carolina. I always thought of retiring in Florida, but not sure yet. So the answer was right since it’s from the south.

  14. Illinois? Not even close. I am from New Jersey and I need warmth, could never tolerate the cold winters and the winds. (I am having a hard time in NJ). Sheesh. It’s a fun game, though.

  15. Missed it by a mile! I want nothing to do with the south and it said South Carolina was my spot. Nope.

  16. Seriously!!!!!!The quiz put me in Nebraska. THATS WAY WRONG. I grew up and spent the first 38 yrs of my life in Ohio. GO BUCKS!!!! I spent 2yrs in Wyoming which was nice. However, I’ve lived in Montana for the last 18 yrs, and I’ve found my home. I love Montana. The quiz is off.

  17. Montana sounds good. But my home state is Maryland so where do I live now—-Georgia.

  18. Not really, I’ve always loved Western Michigan since I spent 3 years there. Small hobby farm not far from Allegan.Real Winters,great summer, and the most beautiful autum I have ever seen. Vermont is close second.

  19. I got Nebraska. I am not so sure that I want to give up my life in Oregon. I love living on the coast.

    1. do not leave Oregon for Nebraska, that would be a huge mistake…… Oregon is like heaven and Nebraska is like where you go to know you live in heaven.

  20. I got Nebraska. I wouldn’t mind living there. I currently live in Los Angeles and everything is so fast paced here. We are spoiled with our weather though.

  21. Nebraska?? No way, No how would I live in Nebraska. I am a Sonoran Desert rat living in Tucson, AZ. Wouldn’t change that for anything.

  22. In no plane of existence would I live in So. Carolina. It is a lovely place to VISIT.

  23. The quiz said Nebraska, pretty close, I live in WYOMING & Love it 💞 😁

  24. While South Carolina usually has better weather than New York, wouldn’t be able to handle the snail’s pace that things go at down there.

  25. My home state is Wisconsin. Don’t know if I could handle the change to South Carolina.

  26. South Carolina? I’ve lived there, and it was nice, but Florida is more my speed. Or lack of it.

    1. Choose California. There are beaches, mountains, lovely deserts, etc. Best place to live next to Hawaii.

  27. I’m already in the state I want to stay in and that’s Oregon for right now.

  28. I know I want to be South and warm. Surprised to get South Carolina. Okay frankly Scarlet, I be moving to Florida?

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