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Quiz: Which State Do You Belong In?

Everyone has one state that’s a perfect match for them. Maybe yours is in the bustling northeast… Or the slow-paced south… Or the friendly midwest… There’s only one way to find out though! Take the quiz below to reveal the state you truly belong in.

Which state is your perfect state? Are you going to have to pack up and move or are you already living where you’re meant to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I know I want to be South and warm. Surprised to get South Carolina. Okay frankly Scarlet, I be moving to Florida?

  2. I live in northern Illinois have lived in Washington state Seattle Montana passed through it not sure if I would live there

  3. I would be happy in Hawaii 🙂 Although I almost wish I got somewhere that had more of a variance of weather, I mean last time I took this, I got Illinois so…

  4. It said I belong in Oregon and that’s correct. I’ve always liked Oregon and Washington State (I’m in NY State now).

  5. I now live in Arizona. I was born in Texas, grew wuo in Michigan, lived in Indiana, Illinois, and Shanghai, Canada. These are interesting quizzes, but you really missed on this one, I am a big city boy…Omaha???

  6. I have lived on the East Coast all my life, in NJ and MD mostly. I would love to live in Oregon, love the alpine mountains and the coast, and the great variation in flora and fauna.

  7. I live in NJ and have not visited Oregon yet. Would love to. I loved Washington when I was there. I know I would love Oregon from what I have read.

  8. Again South Carolina? Looks like a popular answer. Born in Illinois living in Arizona for the last 45+ years

  9. Massachusetts…makes sense. I’ve always wanted to live in New England. Being a Southern girl, I would really like the milder summer weather. And could we talk about the autumns there?!…sigh

  10. I’ve been there and I don’t want to go back for a long time… wrong pick…Ah, Illinois. The perfect combination of the midwest and city flair. This beautiful state truly has it all – major metropolitan areas, a scenic coastline, rolling farmland, and so much natural beauty. Your easy-going and kind demeanor will suit you well here!

  11. I belong in a state in which they don’t end a question in a preposition…..hehehe…sorry, couldn’t resist, WC. I got SC, which is actually a pretty decent choice as far as topography and weather, but not so much for everything else.

  12. Texas?? Wow, Surprised! My home is on Maui, and every answer I gave was about my home. I travel through Texas, by train, when visiting family, and Texas doesn’t look, or feel, like Maui. Good guess, but I’ll stick with my home. Aloha

  13. I got South Carolina. South Carolina is nice. In fact, I am going on a vacation to Charleston in a few weeks. They have nice piers and beaches in SC. I live in Illinois so the climate in SC would be dramatically different. I can’t say I wouldn’t mind the warmer weather but not sure I would want to live in the south (unless it’s FL maybe I would consider it). I know life is often slow in the south and I’m more of a person that wants things to get done quick. Also, while I wouldn’t mind warmer temps, it just wouldn’t feel the same around Christmas without snow. However, once it gets to February, I’m just sick of the snow!

  14. I am from Illinois, but maybe some day, I will visit Massachusetts. I do love scenery very much. Thank you!

  15. I guess I would have to pack up & move, I live in PA & the survey says I should live in South Carolina instead.

  16. Whoa! Massachusetts! Would not have called it myself – I DO love the east coast – but I am hopelessly in love with the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

  17. Well, they got the state part right because I’ve been living in MT since 2001. Prior to that I lived in WY for two years. I spent the first almost 37 years in Ohio where I was born. I love the WY and MT. Came here a lot as a child. I have fallen in love with MT. It’s a good place to live. I just hate all the people from California moving in and trying to turn it into where they came from. This is MT take it the way it is or leave and go somewhere else. You’re ruining it. I like being cold. I hate Global Warming and how warm it is here anymore. My house doesn’t have AC. I moved out here to get out of the AC and have the windows open.

  18. I would rather live in any/well almost any other state during the Summer because south Louisiana is Hell in summer!you put me in Montana : anyone help me build a steel?

  19. You put me in Massachusetts where a lot of my ancestors were from but I would rather be in Savannah Georgia and I live in Alabama

  20. The state you “assigned” to me (Massachusetts) is probably a very close match. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania.

  21. The quiz shows I need to live in Texas. I’ve always wanted to visit there. But, Virginia Beach is my home; and as we all know, there is no place like home.

  22. The only buffalo I have (you suggested Nebraska for me) is the city of Buffalo as I’m a New Yorker. The rural areas of New York have all the qualities you listed for Nebraska, so I’m good where I am !! I stay out of NYC.

  23. SOUTH CAROLINA?? I live in Georgia if I’m moving it’s to the Gulf Coast or North West. I forgot Hawaii! Lol

  24. Have yet to visit Montana, but would probably love it. But I am a FLorida girl at heart, having spent most of my life here.

  25. I will stay in Connecticut. Texas is not for me. Connecticut has always been my home state. When I want to visit other states I will hop a plane. I like to
    travel esp. in the U.S.

  26. I already live in the best state in the union; the only state that was a country first. There is no where else I’d rather be. The fight for Independence at the Alamo, 5000 versus 182, including Bowie, Travis, and Crockett, speaks volumes on who we were and still are.

  27. It chose Montana for me. I live in TX. Sounds about right since I don’t like the heat and humidity and do love the mountains.

  28. You were close with South Carolina. My home state is Virginia and I returned to it 12 years ago after being away for decades. Love being back home!

  29. I’m from Massachusetts and the quiz chose Nebraska. Hmmmm, my dream is to live in Arizona, but maybe I should visit Nebraska and see what happens!

  30. I live in PA, and the quiz said I should live in Texas. That’s interesting, I rescued my dog from Texas. But never thought about living there.

  31. South Carolina was under consideration for a while. I’m an Ohio native (50+ years), thought about the Carolinas, but have lived in mid-Florida for 19 years, to get far away from snow and cold weather.

  32. I’m from Massachusetts and never been to Nebraska which was picked from the quiz, now I’ll have to go there 🙂

  33. Montana is beautiful, but I could not live there because of the very cold winter weather and short winter days. I would pick New Mexico.

  34. Wow, pretty close! After being born in Florida, living for 25 years in New England, I now call North Carolina (not South Carolina, but just off by about 40 miles) home. Amazing!

  35. Well, it took a couple of tries but in the end I’m good with what I got. South Carolina, my birth state. I’d prefer Georgia, Tybee Island/Savannah area specifically. But SC would be cool.

  36. I already live in the Greatest State in the Nation TEXAS, and am very furtunate to live in the greatest community PORT ARANSAS.

    Your quiz worked excellent. It lead right to Texas!

  37. Minnesota is the state to live in because of the snow, picture perfect sunrises and sunsets, and the land of 10,000 lakes, great wildlife, amazing food, terrific homes and cabins, awesome landscape, great views, amazing people, great country music, and we are known as The North Star State.

  38. Spot on. I couldn’t have described myself better if I tried.  South Carolina, warm weather and friendliness. Sounds like a plan. 

  39. Illinois? No, thank you. I want an ocean coastline and lots of rain. Somewhere like Oregon or Northern California.

  40. Oh no, not Massachusetts ,   totally wrong, I am a North Carolina girl, love living here. Close to Mountains, close to beach. Here to stay :))

  41. I guess Illinois would be okay but I’m too old to move out of Massachusetts now. The winters are awful but the rest of the year is beautiful.

  42. Texas? Well maybe if in the Austin area , and my brother lives in San Antonio! But as for me, I’m content in SW Florida where it’s pretty much warm and sunny every day.

  43. Ding ding ding! Survey determined I belong in Oregon and that is soooo correct 🙂 I love Missouri where I am, but someday…

  44. Hawaii. Beautiful, scenic, but there’s this volcano that is having a temper tantrum at the moment. I’ll stay in Nebraska, where we’ve had some of the best weather in the world overall for the past few years.

  45. Texas – Boy did you miss our lifestyle – it is too hot in the summer & too cold in the winter – Our choice is island life in the Caribbean -as for our state it is Florida Keys-The Conch Republic !

  46. Texas??? Really?? Never been there & have no desire to visit there; I do enjoy my Snowbird Florida home, so maybe it’s kind of close??? My daughter has been down there for 10 years. Finally got smart & is moving back to Michigan.

  47. The first time we drove through Nebraska many years ago, i said i would like to live in Grand Island IF I ever left Michigan. I’m still in Michigan.

  48. Survey says Oregon. We used to live there but jobs took us elsewhere. Wish we could return.

  49. Survey said Massachusetts……where I do live…..Connecticut….surprisingly not so far off this time.

  50. The result was Illinois which is close. I born/live 15 miles east of IL in west central Indiana and take many “quick-cation” weekends to Chicago downtown.

  51. You said South Carolina. I prefer Chicago, where I can have a huge variety of weather sometimes all in the same day!

  52. I am from Tennessee so South Carolina doesn’t surprise me. We are just missing the ocean here.

  53. Looovve Hawaii (my chosen State based on quiz), but I would feel landlocked. Leaving Illinois for Florida.

  54. Never thought of Oregon but sounds interesting, we like going to Vermont and except for the ocean they are similar.

  55. I would like to live in a warm state, nice and sunny, peaceful and all that…not sure it’s South Carolina though. I know people who live in that state, so maybe?

  56. Hawaii, and I live in Ohio, what a big difference that would be. I love volcano’s so it would be great to live there. I hear it costs much more though.

  57. South Carolina. Close. I live in Georgia, but have a house in Florida, where I spend a lot of time. I’m looking for that mystical place where I’m not hammered with all the socio/political craziness.

  58. Well, I was born and raised in that state, so your calculation was a good and lucky guess. 😛

  59. You said Texas, I don’t think so. To many weather changes. So I guess I will stay where I am which is GA.

  60. Nebraska? I don’t think so. Too conservative and they get tornadoes. Happy to stay in California or move to Oregon or Washington. Much rather be on the West Coast.

  61. I agree totally with jeffparsons45, I too would love to live in Montana or at least get a chance to visit there.

  62. No way! I have had enough of the east coast’s humidity, even though I have lived in the Northeast my entire life.

    1. This year was an exception. The past few winters have been milder, but we have had a few that got pretty cold

  63. The survey picked Montana, Actually very close to my favorite state: Colorado. South West Montanna by Yellowstone and North Montana by Glacier National Park are fantastic but the Colorado Rockies all within 2 1/2 hours of Denver make exploring the diversity of the Rocky Mountains easier when you live on the East Coast