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Quiz: Where Should You Take a Spring Vacation?

We may only be 3 months into 2018, but who else feels like they need a vacation?! Spring is a perfect time of the year to plan a fun getaway, whether it’s to somewhere warm on the coast or a serene mountainside. Take our quiz to find out where in the US you should go for your spring vacation!

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    1. Ditto–the quiz recommends Miami for me, but I’d go almost anywhere else! I want to see spring flowers and migrating birds, not sand and ocean, and I sure don’t need it to be as warm as Florida. Ugh! Not a good quiz…

  1. To hot when summer is in full bloom then you got the hurricanes. I do like the spring, fall and the ocean. Oh I forgot about the food. It’s great.

  2. It’s ok. A too hot for me and too many hurricanes. it is beautiful and I love the ocean.

  3. I was recommended N’Awlins!

    I’ve actually been there twice in the last 6 years and enjoyed both trips. Maybe it’s time for a third? I guess they are celebrating their 300th anniversary from what I learned. Could be some great times!

  4. Got the Great Smoky Mountains. Went there on our honeymoon over 40 years ago. Still the best place I’ve ever vacationed! 🙂

  5. This is the dumbest survey I have ever seen on this site…Sorry to be blunt, but WTF?

  6. Sounds interesting as I’ve never been there. May try it.
    Could someone remove the words that continually appear on my TV screen during regular programming? The words are annoying and cover most of the faces of those on camera. Thank you..

  7. Sounds nice, but I don’t like mountains. No fishing or hiking of the sort. More of a city park, for a walk and catch the beautiful flowers scent, and fresh air.

  8. Lake Tahoe sounds nice. I live in southern Arizona and I’m not looking forward to the warmer weather. Quiz is northern-centric and biased.

  9. Ok, second time around taking the quiz looks better. Adirondack Mountains. Never been there, but I’m sure it would be so much more fun and interesting than Miami. I love to vacation where it is not too hot and there aren’t many other people around. A lot of the pictures they show you on this quiz don’t look like spring items to me. Here spring looks like winter, but sloppy, slushy, muddy, and then refreeze and add some snow or freezing rain…it’s still basically winter until sometime mid-April or May. Or whenever mother nature feels like it!

  10. Yeah, no thanks. Miami would be one of the last places I would want to vacation. I am not a “sit by the beach all day person”, and I hate hot weather. I would rather hike, ski, look for cool rocks and land formations, and maybe go fishing or hunting. Miami has none of that. Nice try, though.

  11. Santa Fe? Not even close. Give me The Green Mountains of Vermont – or The Appalachians near Asheville NC, A cabin on a snow-melt stream on the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada..maybe near the trout-filled Convict Lake surrounded by the first gold of budding aspen trees. The wilderness of The Swan Range overlooking The International Peace Park and The Garden Wall of Glacier National Park in Montana.. camping on the Skykomish River near Stevens Pass in Washington State…or hiking to the natural hot springs in the nearby mountains…just…not…desert.

  12. Miami – my hubby and I were just talking about going there last night! Must been a sign 🙂

  13. Santa Fe – and I SO agree! I would LOVE to go there. Soon in life I hope…

  14. Lake Tahoe first, Miami 2nd time. I prefer the gulf coast of Fla between Ft Myers and Naples or on a cruise.

  15. Adirondack Mountains. I love it there and I do live in NY state.

  16. Adirondack Mountains, New York??? I am not sure….. I have never been to the East Coast. I will have to think about this.

  17. I didn’t see hibiscus as a choice of flower, but the Mrs. and I had always hoped to get to New Orleans

  18. Lake Tahoe. Never been there, but I’m sure it’s nice. As long as I can fish, I can’t complain.

  19. Another reader got the Great Smokey Mts in Tennessee. There is a fabulous event there at least once a year when thousands o fireflies mate. I have never been there to see it but the photos at night are awesome!

    1. Been there and seen the fireflies. Words can’t describe and pictures don’t do it justice. It’s truly a mystical experience.

  20. Sooooooooooo wrong! I would hate this choice – hate being in the mountains. I like the beach or sightseeing somewhere with good shopping. This test is not accurate!

  21. Grand Canyon it is. I’ve always wanted to raft the Colorado River. River is highest in the spring and would make for excellent white water.

  22. Miami? Couldn’t be further from where I’d love to be! Give me mountains, waterfalls, clear cold streams, trout fishing, now your talking!

  23. I’ve taken the quiz 3 times. I have gotten lake Tahoe twice and Santa fe once. Have never been to either, but Tahoe is starting to sound nice.

  24. The best vacation was when spent a week in Marathon,fl. the weather was beautiful, very relaxing week!!

  25. I guess I got Lake Tahoe, California because I want to get out of the Arizona heat! (Don’t hate on me Easterners!)

  26. I got the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Have never been there but would love to go.

  27. I got the Grand Canyon! I’ve been to Arizona including Phoenix and Saguaro National Park, but I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon. Never made it there! I’ve always wanted to go there! I feel like it would be a good place to escape the humidity and the pollen because there’s not much trees around that region.

  28. my answer to quiz where i should go on vacation was lake tahoe california,never been there before would love to visit sometime

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