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Quiz: Spend a Day at The Weather Channel and We’ll Tell You What Department You’d Work In

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re a fan of The Weather Channel! Have you ever wondered what your role would be in the office? Would you be on air? Behind the camera? In a business department? Well fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a quiz that will tell you where you’d best fit in based on how you’d spend a day in the headquarters.

What were your results? Could you see yourself working in that department? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Weather Presentation/Graphics team! I’m a computer and data geek and this would be perfect for me.

  2. Since our TV stations no longer provide the weather channel, I resort to on line check, first on waking, and last at night. Helps me plan my days.

  3. Production team. I think that is the best part anyway. Behind the scenes but part of what makes it all work!

  4. I would have loved having been on the Original Programming Team. That would have been Great!!!

  5. I’m an on air meteorologist. Very cool. Love the weather. Now if only FIOS would give the channel back to us (deep sigh). I would so love to meet the whole team one day. . .

  6. Wow. Weather Presentation and Graphics. …I have been having my coffee and wake up time with TWC since it’s inception. I had Verizon FIOS and when they dropped my FAVORITE station I called (Spectrum)Bright House and got it back. fast. I live in Hurricane country. ..I have to have TWC.

  7. I taught Meteorology to 9th graders for 30 years. Retired now. How do I apply for an on- the- air job at the WC?

  8. I’d be perfect for the On-Camera Meteorologist.I love your work & the things everybody does.It’s a Very Big Responsibility,but someone has to do it.24/7 is long working hours.

  9. On Camera Personality, which would be great, but can’t wear heels! I would love to be out on the field with Jim Cantore severe storms, and even through thunder snow! 🙂

  10. On camera personality, but I’m not wearing a dress/skirt. And heels…no way. Otherwise the on-camera folk seem to have a great time. I’d love to chase a storm sometime.

  11. Mine was the Marketing/Communication Team.I really don’t see myself
    in that department however.I would really enjoy working in the tropics
    department following tropical storms,hurricanes and writing down the
    information on such storms for the tropical team experts at The Weather
    Channel.Clerical work. I love your quizzes.Keep them coming.Enjoy it.

  12. I got Marketing/Communications Team. I just have one question. Where’s my TWC hat (I’ve wanted one forever but yall sent me a photo which was still nice 😊) and my draft root beer? Lol 😂

  13. I got an on camera personality. Very accurate, because I’ve always wanted to have that job when I grow up.

  14. I have watched and relied on the weather channels broadcasts for years and probably should have been a weatherman . I have a home station and am pretty good in predicting weather .

  15. I got presentation/graphics. Sounds absolutely amazing. It would be something I’d very much like to try

  16. I got the Production Team! I love to do stuff behind the scenes. I would really love to work with Dr Greg Forbes and learn all I can about severe weather – particularly tornados and thunderstorms. Love that stuff!

  17. Since I actually work in graphics and web design, it’s spot on that you tagged me for your Weather Presentation / Graphics team. But you’re definitely missing out on using my sparkling wit on camera!

  18. Yep. I could see me live chasing tornadoes with the WC storm chaser crew!

  19. I got to be on the Production Team however I would much rather be up in the lab with Dr. Greg Forbes charting the course for severe weather especially tornado’s; or in the Weather Underground cave with Mike Bettes and Alex Wilson where I can still get the up-to-date weather forecast of severe storms.

    I love watching The Weather Channel. I also would love to visit there as well. I guess I’ll have to put this visit on my “bucket list” along with going out in the field with the Weather Channel’s storm chasers but not quite as close to the storms as Mike Bettes got.

    I’m a hands-on type person and would love to help out at the Weather Channel!!

  20. No experience with any of this stuff, but I’d give it my all because that’s all I got.

  21. How do I apply? Ive had experience as a cameraman and director at a local church network. I’ve also done radio..

  22. I would be on the Marketing/Communications team! Interesting, because I was asked to apply for a job doing PSAs on weather safety for an upstart weather network that got scrapped after Katrina due to reallocation of disaster funds. I love everything about the Weather Channel!

  23. Weather has always been amazing to me. I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was little. I got Weather Presentation/Graphics team, and this doesn’t surprise me. I now love to take photos of everything weather related. I love everything that The Weather Channel/We Love Weather/Weather Underground/Local Now, etc., has been offering with the most up to date info. Keep up the amazing work to your whole staff!

  24. I’m very creative and love to help people come up with new ideas and suggestions for stories. I also like working as a team and enjoy office work and working with my hands. I could definitely see myself working as an original programmer.

  25. You have me pegged. I have always loved weather. The crazier the better. It is amazing the lengths you go through to give us updates on the weather. I could watch the weather channel all day long. I would love to visit anytime. ❤️⚡️⛈🌈🌊🤗

  26. I’ve watched the Weather Channel all my life. My earliest memory is in like 1991 watching the weather channel and being fascinated by the models predicting days in advance what the weather would be like, and how it would impact me. Since then, I’ve been a bit of an amateur meteorologist, as well as a local climate recorder. I’ve done chases and participated in Skywarn. And it was all thanks to the weather channel.

  27. It would be an Honor and a pleasure to meet all of the Weather Channel Cast, and experience learning from the Masters of Weather ,Fundamentals of Weather and share my Experiences with the cast. And get an Autographed picture of all these Weather Channel Meteorologists.

  28. Love the weather and the weather channel! Would take any job weather related.

  29. I really miss TWC on verizon FiOS. The only access I have is either via phone or on-line. (PLEASE come back to Verizon!!!) After spending almost 50 years in the business, including wx gfx maintenance, this would be a dream — at least I hope it would! Keep up the great work!!

  30. I was welcomed intothe production team, which is great, would love to have a chance to bring thisQuiz to realitiy

  31. My best skills are beating a keyboard in the faraway closet …. give me stacks of “stuff”, my little corner, and go away …

  32. I got member of the Original Programming Team. Not surprised. Although take a real life tour would be the best thing ever!

  33. Absolutely love the Weather Channel wish I would of had it to watch growing up. Weather is fascinating and would love to know and understand more.

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