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Quiz: Spend a Day at The Weather Channel and We’ll Tell You What Department You’d Work In

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re a fan of The Weather Channel! Have you ever wondered what your role would be in the office? Would you be on air? Behind the camera? In a business department? Well fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a quiz that will tell you where you’d best fit in based on how you’d spend a day in the headquarters.

What were your results? Could you see yourself working in that department? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. I got on camera reporter, and they couldn’t be more right. That’s actually what I hope to major in in college

      1. I appreciate your comments, however, I Kida feel like you are stalking me. Could you possibly back off a little. I do appreciate your responses, it’s just the constant stream off them sort make me uncomfortable.

        1. Hi there Forceofnature I am so sorry about that. Mybrother (who is now alberto2019) and I were sharing a account and I was using it to look at weather articles and he was using it to do quizzes and make comments I guess to try to get you to be his friend he is only 10 and my parents told him not to comment on your posts but do you think we could be friends again I won’t let it happen again
          I sincerely apologize
          Your friend Alberto2018

          1. That’s ok, I’m actually not surprised at what was actually happening, I may be an only child but that seems exactly like something a younger sibling might do. Now, I am still going to be wary, since I don’t 100% know your intentions and who you are, but I do that anyway online, so yeah, were cool now. Also, if your brother is doing 2019 hurricane names, he’d have to be Andrea2019 🙂

        2. Thank you for understanding I understand completely I am the same way and thanks for the name advice I told him that and I apologize again for this whole thing  P.S. He is now Barry2019

  2. Original Programming Team! I would choose to develop more weather educational programming, like the old Weather in the Classroom, for K-12 education, then programming to help the common person to better understand the workings of weather, designed to run in specific geographical regions at specific times of the year, when the information may help save people’s lives.

  3. Well, I’d rather have Dr Greg Forbes show me around but I picked Cantore since I wasn’t able to pick Greg!

  4. On-Camera Personality. OK then but I like the picture of Jim Cantore my favorite Meteorologist.

  5. I love the Weather Channel! If I got a job in the production department
    I would be so happy! That would be a dream come true! I am a big fan and have watched TWC for years and love it. Thanks for all the great shows.

  6. Original Programming–sounds good, but do I have to move to Atlanta? Great city but I hate the weather! Can I telecommute?

  7. Love it, Love it, Love it! It picked working on Weather Gone Viral production team. It’s actually one of my favorite shows, and I never miss an episode. Actually, I never change my channel! Weather Channel die-hard fan here! 🙂

  8. I am not a kind of person who likes to talk so behind the camera or in the control room is good place for me I feel more comfortable behind the scenes

  9. Well it said Marketing/ Communications. I’ve been disabled & watching & studying weather from Weather Channel for 21yrs now. I could do this job of marketing/comm. But all of my friends call me for their weather updates. Lol. Thanks to everything all of you have taught me, I think I would do much better with weather forecasting. Lol. But to wirk at the Weather Channel would be my dream. So I don’t think I would be too picky. Lol. I’ll work my way up. Lol. Thank you all very much. I’ve really learned so much from you all. Now I do forecasting for all my friends & they laugh but love that I’m right on or close enough. So I owe you, all of the meteiorologists, for the great lessons you have always given us to understand weather. Great job to all at The Weather Channel!!

  10. Production Team. The Weather Channel is like my screen saver. I can always watch it when nothing else good is on TV. It’s usually the first and last channel I have on.

  11. I’d be on the Marketing/Communications Team. Not surprised at all. I’ve done marketing in the past & I believe I’m good at it. Communications might be a problem as I have no ‘filter’ and say whatever I’m thinking. LOL

  12. On camera! I love TWC! Im going to try to get this on DIRECTTVNOW since I have the app on my phone.
    Many years ago, our local paper did an article on anyone who loves TWC!
    I was one of four people interviewed! I still have the paper and would love to come and meet folks there!

  13. I would have loved to have been able to have been a storm chaser. I’ve been completely infatuated with the weather since I was a child. I’m the girl who needs that lightning shot or the awesome roll cloud which I’ve actually gotten on video from beginning to end and it’s awesome and also for some reason I’ve actually got video of two totally different storms and they had lightning and thunder rainbows and both times they were both double rainbows. That’s weird right?

  14. I have been watching TWC since day one and love it. If only TWC had been on tv from the day i was born until it became a reality when i was in my early 20’s. Thanks for all yall do to make my day better when i tune in every day!

  15. I would love to be an on air meteorologist, with Jim and Stephanie! or go to the weather underground set… I would even love just to have a weather station at my new home in the NC mountains, and have the team come to me for the latest local forecast….. I have been a weather geek for years….

  16. I could see me being an on-camera meteorologist. I LOVE the weather. I am a Skywarn representative for my local NWS office (Pittsburgh, PA), following the weather very closely. I am forever taking pics of the clouds and sky conditions while at work. ♥♥♥

  17. Yes, I enjoy talking about and being up to the minute on the Weather. I believe I’d like being in front of the camera relaying the forecast.

  18. Original Programming Team, that be me! I am right-brain controlled, so I am not surprised. I LOVE photography and I LOVE the Weather Channel! Been watching it since the 1980’s in Texas. I can’t believe I am that old! TWC, YOU ROCK!

  19. On camera personality. It really suits me because that’s actually what I want to be (hopefully for WFAA or ABC News but I could also do TWC)!

  20. I could see myself doing that. I often see weather phenomena and wonder if a show has been done about it.
    Let’s do this!

  21. Got camera operator I can work under pressure being a firefighter for 24 yrs u learn to deal with pressure now retired

  22. Original Programming Team…But of course! I’ve been an original viewer for well over 30 years! Love, love, love this program! Can I come to work today?

  23. I got On-Camera Personality. I could see me doing that. I have always loved weather and metrology would be my dream job. Oh well maybe in my next life, until then I’ll keep chasing storms and tracking winter weather 😊

  24. Have been watching TWC since the beginning (when Jim C had hair!). What a blessing all of you are to all of us weather fanatics!!

  25. This is an interesting result. I’ve been trained as a storm spotter in metro areas on the west and east coasts. We shall see what the future holds.

  26. I’ve been a storm spotter since a teenager when I lived in west texas. I would always keep an eye on the sky to watch for tornadoes . Back then the sky would change colors,i didnt know why then,now I do. Thanks for teaching us everything about the weather.

  27. Original programming team sounds like a great match to me! Love the weather channel. Also wish I could really get a t- shirt!

  28. Original Programming Team. If I weren’t retired, that would be the way to go. Anything to do with weather is a good thing.

  29. I love the weather channel. If there is a big storm going on ( in any season ) I can’t pull myself away from the TV. I do miss FAT GUYS IN THE WOODS. I learned a lot about survival on that show.

  30. On camera personality! That’s me. Working right along side all the ones I love. Heck just being at TWC would be awesome. TWC is the best channel on cable.

  31. I got Weather Presentation Graphics, and that is such an important job to make weather understandable to the public. This meteorologist (B.S. meteorology 1968, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; A.A.S. computer science 2007, San Juan College, Farmington, NM) now is a cooperative weather observer and weather spotter of 20 years service in Cortez, CO for the Grand Junction, CO NWS forecast office. I also explain weather phenomena in radio interviews for our local PBS station KSJD Dryland Community Radio and write columns on weather and astronomy for our local newspaper The Journal. In the 1980s I volunteered 18 months as an on-air meteorologist for the PBS TV station KTOO in Juneau, AK. That was really good training in organizing my brain and mouth to work together presenting weather conditions and forecasts. At 72 years of age, I could say I am retired, but there is no such person as a retired meteorologist!

  32. This is an awesome quiz! I got the production team. I do like digital photography, but not sure I’m an expert in TV production. I probably would’ve rather got a broadcast meteorologist.

    I considered majoring in Meteorology in college but decided the math would be too much, so I went with Geography instead.

  33. I got Production Staff. I like being in the background instead of in front. I don’t know anything about it though but I could learn.

  34. I got original production, and I would love that. Yes, I’m very creative, love weather stuff and have lots of ideas for stories, etc.

  35. I got production staff. I think because of my involvement in public access TV. I would love to work with the weather people.

  36. Yes, I love weather and everyone on The Weather Channel. It would be cool to be on the Marketing and Communications Team. The guys at work are always asking me what is the weather going to be like today and tomorrow. I live in the Upstate of South Carolina and in the winter I get asked everyday IS IT GOING TO SNOW TODAY?

  37. On-camera forecaster huh! Yeah, that’s what they say I’d be best at. But, I think I’d love the graphics as well as the behind camera stuff as well since I am, at heart, a researcher! So Jim, you can keep your job, cuz I am not a great fan of blizzards, even with thunder snow!

  38. Since our TV stations no longer provide the weather channel, I resort to on line check, first on waking, and last at night. Helps me plan my days.

  39. I’m an on air meteorologist. Very cool. Love the weather. Now if only FIOS would give the channel back to us (deep sigh). I would so love to meet the whole team one day. . .

  40. Wow. Weather Presentation and Graphics. …I have been having my coffee and wake up time with TWC since it’s inception. I had Verizon FIOS and when they dropped my FAVORITE station I called (Spectrum)Bright House and got it back. fast. I live in Hurricane country. ..I have to have TWC.

  41. I taught Meteorology to 9th graders for 30 years. Retired now. How do I apply for an on- the- air job at the WC?

  42. I’d be perfect for the On-Camera Meteorologist.I love your work & the things everybody does.It’s a Very Big Responsibility,but someone has to do it.24/7 is long working hours.

  43. On Camera Personality, which would be great, but can’t wear heels! I would love to be out on the field with Jim Cantore severe storms, and even through thunder snow! 🙂

  44. On camera personality, but I’m not wearing a dress/skirt. And heels…no way. Otherwise the on-camera folk seem to have a great time. I’d love to chase a storm sometime.

  45. Mine was the Marketing/Communication Team.I really don’t see myself
    in that department however.I would really enjoy working in the tropics
    department following tropical storms,hurricanes and writing down the
    information on such storms for the tropical team experts at The Weather
    Channel.Clerical work. I love your quizzes.Keep them coming.Enjoy it.

  46. I got Marketing/Communications Team. I just have one question. Where’s my TWC hat (I’ve wanted one forever but yall sent me a photo which was still nice 😊) and my draft root beer? Lol 😂

  47. I got an on camera personality. Very accurate, because I’ve always wanted to have that job when I grow up.

  48. I have watched and relied on the weather channels broadcasts for years and probably should have been a weatherman . I have a home station and am pretty good in predicting weather .

  49. I got presentation/graphics. Sounds absolutely amazing. It would be something I’d very much like to try

  50. I got the Production Team! I love to do stuff behind the scenes. I would really love to work with Dr Greg Forbes and learn all I can about severe weather – particularly tornados and thunderstorms. Love that stuff!

  51. Since I actually work in graphics and web design, it’s spot on that you tagged me for your Weather Presentation / Graphics team. But you’re definitely missing out on using my sparkling wit on camera!

  52. I got to be on the Production Team however I would much rather be up in the lab with Dr. Greg Forbes charting the course for severe weather especially tornado’s; or in the Weather Underground cave with Mike Bettes and Alex Wilson where I can still get the up-to-date weather forecast of severe storms.

    I love watching The Weather Channel. I also would love to visit there as well. I guess I’ll have to put this visit on my “bucket list” along with going out in the field with the Weather Channel’s storm chasers but not quite as close to the storms as Mike Bettes got.

    I’m a hands-on type person and would love to help out at the Weather Channel!!

  53. I would be on the Marketing/Communications team! Interesting, because I was asked to apply for a job doing PSAs on weather safety for an upstart weather network that got scrapped after Katrina due to reallocation of disaster funds. I love everything about the Weather Channel!

  54. Weather has always been amazing to me. I wanted to be a meteorologist when I was little. I got Weather Presentation/Graphics team, and this doesn’t surprise me. I now love to take photos of everything weather related. I love everything that The Weather Channel/We Love Weather/Weather Underground/Local Now, etc., has been offering with the most up to date info. Keep up the amazing work to your whole staff!

  55. I’m very creative and love to help people come up with new ideas and suggestions for stories. I also like working as a team and enjoy office work and working with my hands. I could definitely see myself working as an original programmer.

  56. You have me pegged. I have always loved weather. The crazier the better. It is amazing the lengths you go through to give us updates on the weather. I could watch the weather channel all day long. I would love to visit anytime. ❤️⚡️⛈🌈🌊🤗

  57. I’ve watched the Weather Channel all my life. My earliest memory is in like 1991 watching the weather channel and being fascinated by the models predicting days in advance what the weather would be like, and how it would impact me. Since then, I’ve been a bit of an amateur meteorologist, as well as a local climate recorder. I’ve done chases and participated in Skywarn. And it was all thanks to the weather channel.

  58. It would be an Honor and a pleasure to meet all of the Weather Channel Cast, and experience learning from the Masters of Weather ,Fundamentals of Weather and share my Experiences with the cast. And get an Autographed picture of all these Weather Channel Meteorologists.

  59. I really miss TWC on verizon FiOS. The only access I have is either via phone or on-line. (PLEASE come back to Verizon!!!) After spending almost 50 years in the business, including wx gfx maintenance, this would be a dream — at least I hope it would! Keep up the great work!!

  60. My best skills are beating a keyboard in the faraway closet …. give me stacks of “stuff”, my little corner, and go away …

  61. I got member of the Original Programming Team. Not surprised. Although take a real life tour would be the best thing ever!

  62. Absolutely love the Weather Channel wish I would of had it to watch growing up. Weather is fascinating and would love to know and understand more.