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Quiz: Spend a Day at The Weather Channel and We’ll Tell You What Department You’d Work In

If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance you’re a fan of The Weather Channel! Have you ever wondered what your role would be in the office? Would you be on air? Behind the camera? In a business department? Well fortunately for you, we’ve come up with a quiz that will tell you where you’d best fit in based on how you’d spend a day in the headquarters.

What were your results? Could you see yourself working in that department? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. My result is the Production team. I can see myself doing that. It sounds interesting.

  2. I got on camera reporter, and they couldn’t be more right. That’s actually what I hope to major in in college

    1. Hey there Forceofnature I tried again and got on-camera personality which is what I hope to be

      1. I appreciate your comments, however, I Kida feel like you are stalking me. Could you possibly back off a little. I do appreciate your responses, it’s just the constant stream off them sort make me uncomfortable.

        1. I am responding to alberto2018 not you Forceofnature so brother I got marketing and communications 

        2. Hi there Forceofnature I am so sorry about that. Mybrother (who is now alberto2019) and I were sharing a account and I was using it to look at weather articles and he was using it to do quizzes and make comments I guess to try to get you to be his friend he is only 10 and my parents told him not to comment on your posts but do you think we could be friends again I won’t let it happen again
          I sincerely apologize
          Your friend Alberto2018

          1. That’s ok, I’m actually not surprised at what was actually happening, I may be an only child but that seems exactly like something a younger sibling might do. Now, I am still going to be wary, since I don’t 100% know your intentions and who you are, but I do that anyway online, so yeah, were cool now. Also, if your brother is doing 2019 hurricane names, he’d have to be Andrea2019 🙂

        3. Thank you for understanding I understand completely I am the same way and thanks for the name advice I told him that and I apologize again for this whole thing  P.S. He is now Barry2019

  3. Original Programming Team! I would choose to develop more weather educational programming, like the old Weather in the Classroom, for K-12 education, then programming to help the common person to better understand the workings of weather, designed to run in specific geographical regions at specific times of the year, when the information may help save people’s lives.

  4. Well, I’d rather have Dr Greg Forbes show me around but I picked Cantore since I wasn’t able to pick Greg!

  5. Weather Presentation/Graphics team! Yea I can see my self working in that department.

  6. On-Camera Personality. OK then but I like the picture of Jim Cantore my favorite Meteorologist.

  7. mine said id be a on camera personality, hit it right on with my thinking,id love to do that someday

  8. I love the Weather Channel! If I got a job in the production department
    I would be so happy! That would be a dream come true! I am a big fan and have watched TWC for years and love it. Thanks for all the great shows.

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