Quiz: These Weather Questions Will Reveal Your Soulmate’s First Initial

Love is always in the air when you’re a weather geek! That’s why these weather-themed questions will reveal a truth about your soulmate’s name. Weather doesn’t lie, so take the quiz now to unveil what your true love’s name starts with!

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  1. Sorry. I was looking for K. I must be right because she has put up with me for a long, long time.

  2. Took this a long while back – took it again and though I don’t think I answered in the same manner as before, it still came up the same – and it was right!

  3. Never cared for the name’s on your list due to the personality of the person’s I’ve known for years w/those names. So if an opportunity ever came up, where I would like to replace my actual true love(W) of 45 years w/a b or L, I’ll have to, take a pass. I already know that NO ONE could be a Greater, Truer, Lover than my W has, is, & will be.

  4. MY only love is for God, family and Country; just need to find a Country to love.

  5. None of the ones listed. My husband of 60 years name started with C. I lost him to Alzheimer’s in 2017.  I am devastated.

  6. My soul mates middle initial is L, so I guess the quiz is right for now.

  7. My soul mate and husband’s first name begins with an H. So the quiz name picks were wrong!

  8. My husbands name is Robert! Wow! What a fun quiz to take and it was right on the money!

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