Quiz: These Weather Questions Will Reveal Your Soulmate’s First Initial

Love is always in the air when you’re a weather geek! That’s why these weather-themed questions will reveal a truth about your soulmate’s name. Weather doesn’t lie, so take the quiz now to unveil what your true love’s name starts with!

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  1. You missed big time! Was looking for C or K. That’s alright. I love you still!

  2. Her first and last name has none of those letters, but we’ve been together over 30 years!

  3. Interesting Quiz, one of the letters matches someone
    Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You nailed it. His name started with E. He was a wonderful husband and a great Dad.

  5. You didn’t just miss the door, you didn’t even hit the barn…first initial is J.

  6. None of the letters matched. Michael was my soulmate but I lost him 3 years ago.

  7. My soulmate is beginning chemo therapy for a malignant tumor. Her second battle with cancer

  8. S K T or W and you nailed it! It’s W! Yet W constantly calls me weird for loving tornadoes and storms so much! Oh well, D doesn’t care! ☺

  9. None of the letters matched my spouses name. Sorry Weather Channel, you failed this one!!!!

  10. My wife and I jointly answered the questions> Result :D,A,P or H.
    As it turns out, our LAST name begins with “H”.

  11. M,B,L or G. My husbands (of almost 32 years) name starts with a B. 😍

  12. Sorry…..…….my soulmate’s name starts with “B”……….thanks for the quiz………it was fun!!

  13. if I’m at home being watching all the shows I miss because I have to go to sleep early. because I lean
    very my house at 330 am

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