Quiz: These Weather Questions Will Reveal Your Soulmate’s First Initial

Love is always in the air when you’re a weather geek! That’s why these weather-themed questions will reveal a truth about your soulmate’s name. Weather doesn’t lie, so take the quiz now to unveil what your true love’s name starts with!

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  1. My soulmate is beginning chemo therapy for a malignant tumor. Her second battle with cancer

  2. S K T or W and you nailed it! It’s W! Yet W constantly calls me weird for loving tornadoes and storms so much! Oh well, D doesn’t care! ☺

  3. My wife and I jointly answered the questions> Result :D,A,P or H.
    As it turns out, our LAST name begins with “H”.

  4. Sorry…..…….my soulmate’s name starts with “B”……….thanks for the quiz………it was fun!!

  5. if I’m at home being watching all the shows I miss because I have to go to sleep early. because I lean
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