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Quiz: Which Show On The Weather Channel Are You?

Whether it’s a daily show, a series, or a special, The Weather Channel offers awesome programming for your viewing pleasure. You want the latest weather news? We’ve got that. What about the wildest weather videos of all time? Yep, we have that too. Here’s something you’ve probably never asked yourself, but now that you’re thinking about it you want to know: Out of all of these shows, which one would you be? Take the quiz to find out!

What were your results? Do you agree or disagree with them? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. AMHQ. Don’t know why since I normally sleep 4AM to 10AM. Once in a Blue Moon do I get to see the show.

  2. It listed me as AMHQ. I am not sure what that means, but at 73 years old  this really makes me feel good. I really enjoy the weather channel, and look at it at least 5 times or more a day.

  3. I am more of a Weather Underground Person than a Strange Weather
    On Earth Person. No one and nothing is perfect. I am ready for the
    next quiz.Bring it on.

  4. AMHQ according to Quiz. Great show, love everyone on it. But my personal favorite is 3 Scientists. Hope they make more of them. Educational, entertaining and occasionally hilarious.

  5. i got WU and I really like Mike Bettes but I wake up to AMHQ. Love Cantore, Kelly Cass and Jen Carfagno.

  6. Your results are interesting as my favorite show is AM HQ, then WU. Really not too fond of Weather Gone Viral. Enoy the quizzes!

  7. WU is great and Mike Beddes settled into that well. But at 6 at night i am in the middle of Happy Hour every day, so AMHQ is my show every morning so I know what is coming. Nice try, but I know myself better!

  8. I took the quiz twice, and got two different answers, one was 3 Scientists and the other was Weather Gone Viral. The only thing I changed was the type of candy I picked (M&Ms vs Hershey). What is that saying about the kind of candy you eat? 😐

  9. I got Weather Underground! Probably a good calculation for my result because I do enjoy watching WUTV. I enjoy the science, the graphics and technology used on the show, and the discussions are fun. I love watching Alex Wilson! She’s very enthusiastic and adds humor to the show.

  10. why do I have to be one ? I like them all . 3 scientist is great . Taylor was with Nasa, and I love it when he blows things up . weather is science . Someday they’ll find how to stop tornados destruction and cure cancer . Hopefully before we get nuked . Someone needs to hit those guys up side the head with a rock abd wise them up .once gone you don’t come back its not a cartoon its life!!!

  11. AMHQ is spot on for me. I’m usually up a bit before it comes on, though. Yes, I am that big of a morning person and I’m proud of it! 😀

  12. Got AMHQ, but prefer Strangest Weather on Earth & Weather Gone Viral. Am a night person so not that interested in morning shows.

  13. You’ll were exactly right. I love the science of storms, tornadoes, how the weather effects every body. I know how the fires, blizzards, & tornadoes effect the farmers & ranchers. I have seen & heard thunder snow before when my wife & boys lived in northern Illinois. I have had to help a dear friend when his place got hit by a tornado. It killed some of his cattle, put 2″ X 4″ through them. it was an terrible sight that I hope I never have to see again. We have had cows & calves freeze to the ground. The same friend 2 years after the tornado, one of his hay barns burned down, caused by lightening, lost all of his hay, 3 tractors, all of his hay equipment, & etc. We got him hay donated to him & hauled it to him at no cost. Another very dear family in south Mississippi went through Katrina, we got diesel, gas, food, money, & every thing else we could get our hands on, & took it to them. Another very close family to us was right in the middle of the ice storm that hit western Kentucky a few years back. We took generators, gas, diesel, chain says, to help them out. If it hadn’t been for the Weather Channel giving them all some warning, I am sure some of them would have lost their lives if not for The Weather Channel. God Bless you all for the tireless dedication you have for saving people’s lives. Ray Pierce in West Tennessee.

  14. Just a little off… Your estimate of my age was 49–I’m 75. Guess I must be young at heart.

  15. I don’t know how they came up with it from the questions they asked me, but they hit my favorite with Weather Underground, which I am watching right now. I would also love AM HQ but I am not a morning person. We need more real-time weather programming on TWC, not so many past history shows, and none of these non-weather related “reality shows” that should go off the air, and onto a different channel. Kevin in Maryland always watching the weather

  16. AMHQ! i always fall asleep early in the morning because I’m such a big night owl, but I always catch the beginning of it every day. 😄

  17. Right on the money (AMHQ)! Let us know how you did it. Is it simply random or is there an algorithm?