Quiz: Which TWC Show Matches Your Personality?

If you’re a loyal fan of The Weather Channel (which we can safely assume since you’re on The Weather Channel’s fan website), then you’re likely aware of the wide array of original shows we have on our air. From thrilling shows like Weather Gone Viral to addicting hits like Highway Thru Hell and Heavy Rescue, there’s something for everyone! See which show best aligns with your personality by taking the quiz below.

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  1. Heavy Rescue? Nope. I like the survival shows, but my favorites were the paranormal shows.

  2. Right on, Heavy Rescue ………………. but would go with Jim Cantore storm chasing in a minute …… 🙂

  3. Absolutely Spot on. I got SOS. And I would DEFINITELY go storm chasing with Jim Cantore.

  4. I’ve never watched ‘Weather Gone Viral’ – perhaps I’ll have to check it out. Flattery will get you everywhere -and, yes – I am the life of the partay!!

  5. Heros + survivors!!
    Any idea when Cantore is picking me up to go chasing?? 😎🌴

  6. Heavy Rescue…. Like the show, but going out with Jim storm chasing or being a on screen Meteorologist would be way better.

  7. Heavy Rescue! I’ve never seen this show before! Will have to check my local listings! but I will say that a couple of my favs are Weather Gone Viral and Tornado Alley! And that storm chase with Jim would be a blast!

  8. I got your newest shows Heavy Rescue the description is very good although I enjoy Weather Gone Viral and Tornado Alley more. I am so fascinated with storms I even gravitated to my local storm chaser. Jeremy Reiner

  9. Heroes and Survivors, I suppose, we live in southern California in the High Desert where we are at high risk of fires every year. We are a tight knit community where we look out for each other best we can. And God BLESS THE FIREFIGHTERS AND RESCUE EVERYONE, whose valiant efforts did what they could last year to help those in need. Horrific year, that one. I’m so sorry for those in flood areas across the country, but thank God for the rain we’ve had so far this year here in California.

  10. Heavy Rescue. I admire these folks who can get vehicles in peril back on the road in more or less one piece.

  11. I love it! I got Highway Thru Hell. That is one of my favorite shows. I look forward to Sundays just so I can watch it.

  12. I don’t know what other shows I could have ended up on, but I do like “Weather Gone Viral”.

  13. Weather Gone Viral. While I hate tornadoes, thunderstorms and most of the weather here in the south, I do like this show.

  14. Absolutely on track for describing me! And I Love all the meteorologists there, but will confess special affection for Jim Cantore. His enthusiasm is so much fun! Go Cantore!

  15. Weather gone Viral . I don’t watch it . Too many real life weather situations here in Texas . Don’t voluntarily care to watch on t.v. But have Jim call . 🙂I do enjoy How to Survive .

  16. You say Worlds Wildest Weather, but I like Highway thru Hell & Weather Gone Viral! Guess I’ll try out the Worlds Wildest Weather!

  17. Nope, don’t like it at all, I change the channel when it’s on. I’s rather watch Secrets of the Earth.

  18. Highway thru Hell. Fits me to a T. It is my favorite show. I sit on the edge of my set tell the show ends.

  19. Heavy Rescue, which I like along with Highway Thru Hell. You guys get my Sundays!

  20. I qualify as a “Hero and a Survivor.” Coincidentally, I am a retired police officer working for the Chicago Police Department. I have also worked for the FL Division of Emergency Management, Fairfax County (VA) Office of EM, Boston Office of EM and the Chicago Office of Emergency Management & Communications.

  21. Heavy Rescue, which I like, but my favorite is Do you think you’d Survive, with Weather gone Viral, as my second choice. lol

  22. I’m a SOS: How to Survive

    You’re a resourceful and confident individual who always stays curious. You’re creative, like to be hands-on, and if it came to it, could definitely survive in the wilderness. Season 3 of SOS: How To Survive premieres later this year on The Weather Channel, keep an eye out for it!

  23. I got Heroes and Survivors. I like that show. And I would probably be one of the first ones to jump in and try to help anyone who is in trouble.

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