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Quiz: Which Summer Road Trip Should You Go On?

Summer is the season for road trips and figuring out which route to explore can be complicated! Which trip is right for you? Take this quiz to find out your perfect road trip destination!

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  1. I absolutely love the Pacific Coast! I was so enchanted with Seabrook, Washington That I wished I had had the money to just live there!

  2. You were right. I would love driving the Bridge Ridge Parkway in the fall With the leaves at their peak color.

  3. Omg, that would be so great right now, i totally need a vacation! This winter in my state sux!!! I luv California and would luv to visit there sum day!

  4. I was on Route 66 from Ok City to Amarillo. Not much to see but just a very nice ride. I would sure like to do that again, it’s been over 20 years.

  5. I got the California Pacific Coast Highway. Its funny I always wanted to do that road trip. I have seen pictures of the California Coast and it looks beautiful with the ocean and the mountains.

  6. Got Route 66 and I would like to go today and not return til late fall. Can you just imagine the change in scenery and weather. Cool

  7. I got Blue Ridge Parkway. Looks beautiful! Will have to look up exactly where that is and maybe someday when the kids are grown we will have to visit.

  8. Blue Ridge Last time I was there was 55 years ago.It was a beautiful vacation. Later that year
    I married a wonderful guy who was also part of the group

  9. Alaska Marine Highway! I love Alaska! I would love to visit there again. Went there on a cruise many years ago and would love to go again.

  10. I got Blue Ridge Parkway. I grew up right beside it and live within 20 minutes of it today. Even though I’ve been all over the world in my life, it goes to show, there is still no place like home!

  11. Mass Transit Road Trip to Block Island, Rhode Island, via the MBTA 109 Bus to Sullivan Station, Orange Line to Back Bay Station, Commuter Rail to Providence, RIPTA 66 Bus to Galilee-Point Judith, High Speed Block Island Ferry to Block Island. Then home to Everett, Massachusetts, via another High Speed Block Island Ferry to Newport, a Seastreak Ferry to Providence a RIPTA Ferry Shuttle Bus to Kennedy Plaza & Train Station MBTA Commuter Rail to Back Bay, Orange Line to Sullivan Station, 109 Bus home.

  12. The Alaska Marine Highway–and I have been on that along with my car. Also the Alaska Highway. From Homer, AK to Key West Florida….great trip!

  13. Pacific Coast highway. I’ve had that Hair Raising experience once, thank-you- very-much. Heights, with few guard rails.. no no no!

  14. I got the Pacific Coast Highway! And that would be perfect because I love the beach and spectacular scenery!

    1. Alchemy,i got Blue Ridge Parkway too.My mother and father took me there many times when i was younger.Great scenery,amazing wildlife,wonders of nature.

      1. Cool. Sorry but I didn’t get the notification for this. I just looked on here though because I got one for something else.

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